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Tag Heuer watches

Tag Heuer has revolutionized the way gentlemen wear a watch. The avant-garde creations are not only designed to stand the test of time, but also to become the perfect centerpiece for any men's outfit. Tag Heuer watches are sporty chronographs and elegant models with masculine details in impeccable quality.

Luxury is no longer about ownership - luxury is the permission to play with what you want, when you want it.

Rent a clock

Many people are finding the task of buying watches over and underwhelming and impersonal. A.P. Donovan has therefore created the perfect solution for today's affluent men. The time and stress associated with the standard buying experience become obsolete. The watch is the simplest way an indispensable accessory in every man's wardrobe. It will be easy to try out your personal style and make sure you always have the perfect watch for every occasion.

Some of the benefits of renting a watch:

  • If you rent a watch, you can even if you can not afford the high quality watch directly, experience the watch and maybe even develop an affinity with it.
  • Renting a watch takes the "fear factor" from buying the watch for the tenant. You can simply rent the watch and wear it for a while to see if it's really the right watch for a purchase.
  • The rent of watches online makes it possible to wear a whole watch wardrobe all year round and to demonstrate your passion for watches.
  • When renting a watch, you have the right model for every occasion. Finally, you also decide which tie and which shoes you wear, depending on which outfit suits which occasion.

Buy a watch

If you fall in love with the watch on your wrist, you have the option to purchase the watch as well. When they fall desperately into a watch, many men are torn between the financial cost of the watch and the potential benefits of its ownership. For A. P. Donovan, the concept of "Try Before You Buy" is indeed an integral part of the brand.

Some of the benefits of buying a watch:

  • Top quality timepieces: Some luxury brand timepieces are so complicated that their manual production can normally take between 10 months (for basic models) and 2 years (for extremely complex models). This first-rate quality, both in craftsmanship and in materials, keeps luxury watches in timekeeping - often for decades or more - priced excellently, with only little fine-tuning necessary every five years .
  • Investment value: The purchase of a watch, even used, should be considered as an investment. Because of their superior quality, choosing a luxury watch will last for less expensive products, and even gain in value over time. Even watches that are bought second-hand preserve their value.
  • A Subtle Representation of Prosperity: Just as a prestigious brand is highly valued in the marketplace, luxury watches in the social sphere are widely respected and readily recognized by individuals who value details and luxury.
  • From father to son: Tasteful and well made watches are timeless pieces that are treasured and inherited from father to son.

All watches at A.P. Donovan is guaranteed 100% authentic. All watches are checked and provided with all papers. So there is no risk of buying watches online. We offer something for everyone at every level so you can find and define your personal luxury style.

Tag Heuer Watch on Rates

If you have enough money to pay for your watch in advance, we encourage you to make a purchase online that is sure to last a long time. If payment in installments is in your favor then this type of funding is a good alternative. A. P. Donovan offers to buy your watch today and to pay for a reasonable amount of time. We offer different graduations that distribute the cost of the watch over a number of months to best suit you.