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The brand & nbsp; Rolex stands, like no other traditional company, for exclusive luxury. Her five-pointed crown directly in the upper part of the dial is an internationally known symbol. The first-class timepieces speak for the absolute style awareness of their wearers. Since 1905, Rolex watches have impressed with uncompromising quality and have created unimaginable milestones in the entire evolution of timepieces. The company can now proudly look back on this unique fascination with pride.

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Rolex Wristwatches & ndash; a classic conquers the world

For those who think of a luxurious lifestyle, the Rolex brand is bound to be a glittering glamorous environment. Hardly any other brand symbolizes this combination for many decades. Hans Wilsdorf, the former founder of the Rolex company, owes his success primarily to the brilliant sense of extraordinary business. Apart from a number of myths surrounding the world brand, there are few other watches whose recognition value is so high, like that of a Rolex.

Until today, their appearance is extraordinarily typical and still a luxury item whose high quality production is made in Switzerland. The high expectations of their owners still speaks in favor of their exclusive taste. However, a Rolex watch does not always have to be rebuilt, as its market value can sometimes rise even after years, making it a popular investment in all price ranges, with low cost and upside potential.

Innovative spirit & Tradition

Although the wristwatch was not invented by Hans Wilsdorf, it was able to incorporate a multitude of groundbreaking inventions into its timepieces. From Geneva, he skilfully managed the marketing of the Oyster Rolex and at the same time gave his brand innovative features. It was no coincidence that he chose exactly this name, because the outstanding protection for the mechanical movement enclosed the timepiece like an oyster.

In 1927, the company succeeded in inspiring the swimmer Mercedes Gleitze for his timepieces. It contributed significantly to the actual legend, for in crossing the channel she wore the "Oyster". and catapulted the brand with its robust reliability into the Olympus of the watch universe.

The highest comfort finally came with the invention of the automatic movement including the one-sided rotor lift. A revolution in the entire watch market.
Waterproof self-winding watches & ndash; This is the beginning of the true triumphal procession of Rolex watches, and he continues to inspire the company to this day.

Chronographs of Records

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The brand has always had a close connection to the superlatives of the time. Whether in sports, in the air on the ground or in the water. Rolex watches stands for the extremes. It was mostly gentlemen who helped the company's image to be positive. The stylish tribute to the luxury watch reached Sir Edmund Hillary in the Himalayas as well as Ron Evans during a spaceflight. From the explorer, through the GMT master, to the deepsea. a piece of the most famous watch history in the Rolex Empire.

Value retention & precision

The luxury watch impresses with its accuracy, reliability and unique design for instant recognition. Rolex timepieces are known and this is the recipe for success. Especially for men, the popular vintage models are worth a visit. These valuable chronometers are available from A.P. Donovan checked and including original papers. Get convinced of the exclusivity of this timepiece and shop online easily and safely without risking your next safe investment.