Straight razors, leather goods and more for the αvantgarde

While the pack still howling at the moon, calculated the αlpha already its orbit. With the power to swim he leaves other - his life is characterized by its own standards. Independence is sacred to him; means they do constantly Himself to to be. In touch with the inner self - at work, in the Love, during his contemplation. High demands on your own Qualities allow high demands on the things of everyday life. Expectations, which A. P. Donovan happy to provide.
Exclusive products waiting for the man to understand the objects and does not want to have bare. Although, or better yet, just because our exclusive offer primarily on the needs of style-conscious manhood oriented, A. P. Donovan no pure For men. Provides for the wife of demanding individualists A. P. Donovan fascinating insight into his masculine world and its Quality products. Find special gifts for him? original Gifts for men, far from any mainstream?
For the man who appreciates the extraordinary, you are at A. P. Donovan find the perfect gift. Be inspired steel, wood, leather and glass. From living material derive our Razors, bags and carafes the power of simple Beauty. Exclusive companions of the same originality as the Man they accompany. You can stop by the Special Search for - you've found it.

A. P. Donovan welcomes you!


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