Bracelet made of lava stones | gilded lion

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Men's bracelet made of noble materials

Because of its hardness and gloss after processing black lava rock is very popular as jewelry. The deep black hue resembles the onyx, but is harder and less porous than this one. For high wearing comfort, the men's bracelet is closed only by an elastic band. This is sturdy, so that the bracelet can easily survive a day of activities or a night of celebration. At the same time, the elastic band fits the wrist perfectly. The lion's head forms a splendid change to the black balls. He is filigree and at the same time striking. The facial features of the "King of the Animals" including mane were worked out with attention to detail. To draw attention to this golden highlight, the front lava stone pearls are interrupted by golden double rings.

Powerful men's accessory for fashion-conscious men

While the onyx in some colors resembles the agate, the lava stone pearls show no lighter structures. Rather, they decorate in rich, smooth black the bracelet anchor in the shape of a lion's head. Like jewelery made of leather, lava stone jewelery is a trend of classic materials. Both the stone and the incorporated gold come from the depths of the earth. In alternative medicine, lava stones are among the healing stones. Because of its purity, the once absorbed energy should be able to save. Thus, this comfortable men bracelet combines its purpose as a jewel with the side effect of a positive energy intake. This is joined by the symbol of power and victory in the form of the lion's head. Together, this is the perfect companion for self-confident men who show their own strength in the accessory.

Lava stone men's jewelery for self-confident trendsetters

Fashion-conscious men like to combine lava stone jewelry with outfits in jeans, more often with leather clothing. But also the eye-catching dark accessory is a nice complement to clothes made of woven fabrics, for example woolen jackets and linen shirts. However, the style of this bracelet Anker in Löwengestalt can not be so rigidly assigned to a fashion trend. Because black and gold are suitable for almost any occasion. By the color choice with the clothes this can
Men's accessory may be a discreet highlight or a magnificent contrast, for example, to the colors red or light nuances in cream and white. Whether for a rock festival or at a club meeting, at leisure with friends or simply in between - this comfortable men's jewelry guarantees guaranteed good taste and gives a confident look. Particularly trendy is jewelry of this quality and style currently in the hip hop scene. Because of the convenience of the elastic band, many trendsetters wear their "power bracelet" even during sports activities. Because the elastic band, the stones and the lion's head are of high quality connected. Thus, even with intensive movement no defect is to be feared. At the same time, the overall weight is low, so that the jewelry accompanies its wearer almost unnoticeable.

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Bracelet made of lava stones | gilded lion

Bracelet made of lava stones | gilded lion

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