Bracelet made of onyx stones | Skull silver

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Stretchy bracelet made of black onyx beads with a silver skull


A.P. Donovan

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Men's bracelet made of onyx with silver skull

The men's bracelet made of real onyx stone beads is slim, discreet and still a stylish eye-catcher. The black balls are broken up by four silver rings in between. The whole thing is completed by a larger silver skull with sparkling elements on the head and black stones as eyes. Opposite the skull is an imaginary also silver clasp integrated. The bracelet is stretchy and so suitable for different strength wrists. The combination of the very dark black of the balls and the silver of the skull and the rings looks high-quality and noble. Men's jewelry in timeless combination, which can be worn on many occasions. If you are looking for a more neutral design instead of the skull, you can watch the bracelet Anker.

Men's bracelet with lava stone

Onyx is very similar in its kind to the lava stone. It is a mineral that arises under high pressure in the interior of the earth. The onyx mineral is also formed in the cavities that form in magma as it cools. It is a rare mineral with only a few deposits worldwide. The black color is caused by an increased iron and manganese content. A mineral, which is a variety of quartz. The unique color and the strong hardness have many attributed healing properties. For this reason, men's bracelets made of onyx beads are also very often used as a chakra bracelet.

Bracelets Men with healing properties

Bracelets Men should be strong and simple. Already in ancient times, the onyx mineral was used as a ritual object and as a healing stone. Chains, rings, earrings and even bracelets are still made today with the attractive mineral. The gems are designed to increase self-confidence and assertiveness. In general, the wearer of the gems should get a better connection between his inner core and his outer shell. A mineral that grounds the wearer. Negativity should also be mitigated and blocked by wearing men's jewelery or jewelry with and out of the gemstones. Thus, a severed and depressed mood should lift and the negative energy that is given to one, should be blocked. A chakra bracelet with great and positive effect.

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Bracelet made of onyx stones | Skull silver

Bracelet made of onyx stones | Skull silver

Stretchy bracelet made of black onyx beads with a silver skull

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