Light leather shoulder bag for men

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Leather case for the leisure, university or professional life This bag convinces with the right format, ideal for folders or laptops.

The inside dimensions are 36cm x 30cm x 10cm


A.P. Donovan

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In addition to common types of leather, which are made from the skins of pigs or cattle, goatskin enjoys growing popularity today. In structure and appearance, it is very similar to the extremely rare antelope leather. The technical term for this type of leather is "Chevreau leather" (from "Chevreau", French for goat) .He designates both the leather of a kid and of a full-grown animal Goatskin, despite its high suppleness, is extremely durable and, in comparison with pigs. or cowhide is very light, making it ideal for making high-quality bags and other consumer goods.The leather for AP Donovan's products is tanned with vegetable oils only and is free of any chemical residues that are commonly produced during the tanning process Made from a pure natural product, small irregularities in the material are not a mistake, but are a sign of the individuality of every goat skin used Leather goods by AP Donovan: as unique and unique as you are.

The days of the classic briefcase are definitely numbered. This is not a wistful obituary, but rather a relieved breath. This relic of the male business world ranks on the trend scale between polyester suit and knitwear. In other words, way down. In addition to the spitfire effect, the briefcase is also extremely impractical: no shoulder straps, which leaves the hands free for important things, and an interior that does not take into account the modern business world. Based on classic DIN A4 folders and Stullenbox one will look for a place for the notebook in vain. So it's about time to redefine the topic of "transporting important utensils". Inspired by the so-called messenger bags of bicycle couriers, AP Donovan has developed a stylish alternative to a briefcase. With a practical shoulder strap and ample storage space for notebook, smartphone & Co. The difference to the messenger bag? The material! While the bags of the couriers are traditionally made of truck tarpaulin, this notebook bag is made of high-quality genuine leather. Handmade and of casual elegance. Not only do you make a good figure at the business meeting, but also in the wild during your free time. For a beautiful view from the upper end of the trend scale: handmade leather handbags by AP Donovan.

Do you know these little men's bags? With a loop for the wrist and enough space for a packet of handkerchiefs and the senior citizen monthly pass? Not? That's a good thing and we guarantee you: you do not want to get to know them. If you do, then you will get the right tennis socks for your sandals in well-stocked retail stores. But enough of the clichés. For a long time, this stuffy men's accessory had the same status that women's handbags enjoy. Why, nobody really knows. For a long time, maybe there was no transport for male utensils except the classic briefcase. Jute bags and plastic bags are not a real alternative. In this problematic sector of masculine transport logistics AP Donovan has the salutary idea: Stylish shoulder bags. Handcrafted from high quality leather and with guaranteed enough storage space for everything you need during the day. The robust leather is insensitive to environmental influences, gives the impression of casual elegance and is getting more and more beautiful every year. With the sturdy shoulder strap you have your hands free for important things and transport everything conveniently from A to B. And if you ever make a major purchase: In your new shoulder bag is still a cookie for the jute bag free. Always stylish with a handcrafted leather shoulder bag by AP Donovan.

Data sheet
material Goatskin
Materialzusammensetzung genuine Leather
Lining Cotton


Condition New
Manufacturer A.P. Donovan
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Light leather shoulder bag for men

Light leather shoulder bag for men

Leather case for the leisure, university or professional life This bag convinces with the right format, ideal for folders or laptops.

The inside dimensions are 36cm x 30cm x 10cm

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