Hair scissors / barber scissors made of damask | Size 6.0 inches

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Included in delivery: a pair of scissors and a gift box.


A.P. Donovan

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You are tired of having a nice bar of money at the barber every six to eight weeks? And that does not just mean the exorbitant prices of self-proclaimed star hairdressers. The cost of the regular visit to the Cut & Go hairdresser adds up over time. Not to mention the quality of such hopscotch offers. As a result, more and more people are focusing on the tried-and-tested do-it-yourself method and even taking the scissors. There are countless videos on the internet giving instructions for DIY haircuts. This trend fits in perfectly with the widespread desire to bring one's life back to the feeling of back-to-the-roots. It was not so long ago that a good pair of hairdressing scissors was part of the fixed inventory of every household.

The emphasis here is clearly on good hairdressing scissors. With a normal household or paper scissors you set up only one thing: damage and the dreaded hair splitting. As every craftsman knows, good work requires the right tools. And here they come into play: the new hairdressing scissors from AP Donovan. We deliberately reduced our offer to the essentials. The prospective amateur hairdresser does not need a battery of scissors, which he puts in the belt pouch à la Udo Waltz. Here is: less is more. This means: A classic barber scissors with smooth blades and a modeling scissors with a smooth and a serrated blade. Almost any haircut can be realized with this basic equipment.

Whether you just want to quickly cut your own pony, or want to give your partner a completely new look: With our barber scissors you are well prepared for both. The material used in all scissors is high-quality stainless steel. Sharpened and of course immediately ready for use. Most simple hairdressing scissors from the drugstore or discounter are secured in the scissors lock of the two legs with a screw. With this method, it is hardly possible to perform a precise fine adjustment in the boundary region of difficult to smooth. The connection in the shear lock of the AP Donovan hairdressing scissors, however, takes place with the help of a ball bearing.

For safe and fatigue-free handling, a scissors eye is equipped with an internal rubber ring. Both our classic barber scissors and the sculpting scissors are available in different sizes and designs. In general, the shorter the scissors, the more precise cuts are possible on small areas of hair. Longer shears are better for large areas of hair. AP Donovan hairdressing scissors are offered in sizes 5.5 "(inches), 6" and 6.5 ". With the design you have the choice between silver, black and noble damask optics. All scissors are supplied in a decorative gift wrap and blade protective cover.

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SC102C-2 Damast

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Hair scissors / barber scissors made of damask | Size 6.0 inches

Hair scissors / barber scissors made of damask | Size 6.0 inches

Included in delivery: a pair of scissors and a gift box.

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