05/17 - Matt Groening

05/17 - Matt Groening

A man looks yellow

Springfield. A town in the American nowhere. With the exception of the local nuclear power plant, Springfield represents the average American way of life as convincingly as if it were created on the drawing board. In Moe's tavern, the men meet after a hard day's work at the power plant to a beer after work. The children go to high school, women baking apple pies for the church bazaar and dogs chase cats. Everything normal. Really everything? No, because in the Evergreen Terrace 742, the Simpsons live. Your skin color is reminiscent of canned corn and they have only four fingers on each hand. Homer and Marge Simpson, their children Bart, Lisa and Maggie as well as the domestic dog Knecht Ruprecht are the main actors in the successful US animated series of all time: they are "THE SIMPSONS". Since its premiere in 1987, bringing the Simpsons to over 600 episodes in 28 seasons. According to the already planned squadrons 29 and 30 circuit should be, is rumored. But with the Simpsons, you never know for sure. The inventor of this awful yellow family is Matt Groening and unlike the Simpsons Very little is known about him and his private life. So far at least, because hereinafter together we take a look at the spiritual father of the Simpsons.

The start

Matthew "Matt" Groening was born in Portland, Oregon on February 15 1954th His parents are (Attention, now it's getting interesting!) Homer and Marge Groening, who already have two daughters together named Lisa and Maggie. This is us somehow familiar and will later play an important role. Matt's early childhood is a completely blank spot on the map of his life. Even in 2016 published a biography about him, this chapter is completely excluded. So we go into the age of twelve. At that time, Matt daydreaming is back where he sees himself as a rising star in the American entertainer sky. But it does not stop with the fantasies he writes precaution ever the opening track for its planned Matt Groening show, which begins with the following lines:

"First you hear a mighty cheer, then you know did Groening's here! Matt Groening, Matt Groening, Matt Groening, not a coward, Matt Groening with super powers, coolest guy in town, coolest guy ever. "

As can be seen easily on the text of the twelve-year-old Matt already has a well-proportioned self-confidence. Unfortunately, he makes the mistake of his classmates to sing the song and then the butt of ridicule, Häme and whispering. From then on he reflects on his true qualities and features. Constantly and everywhere, but most of all during school hours, the contents of it are not really interested. Matt's father Homer is a well known and successful cartoonist and his son seems to have inherited the talent. After Matt several times quoted the director for its subscribed in class comics, he founded with some friends the secret "Creature Club". The members of the clubs meet in an abandoned house and then draw monsters, monsters and finally monsters. This little monster-heavy character training will later pay for it.

The departure

In 1977, Matt moved to Los Angeles. Why? Well, quite clearly where his teenage idol Frank Zappa and Matt lives thinking, "When LA was good enough for him, then I should try it at least." He comes with little on there: In the pocket of a philosophy graduate and head to to be firm desire author. To his meager worldly possessions nor a lime green Datsun, which, however, are constantly remain one. As his decrepit vehicle in the middle of Sunset Boulevard run out of steam and rushing past luxury cars honking at him, Matt has to admit that his life is not straight in the fast lane. His short-term girlfriend left him and he has to pay the rent for his apartment difficulties. A job must be found, and urgently.

The jobs

His first job with the "Los Angeles Free Press" it takes not even. On the first day he meets in the publishing building on a weeping receptionist who advises him "... not work for those bastards." Matt takes her at her word and goes. Looking for another job, he comes across a promising ad in which a driver and author is sought. The offer seems to be his cup of tea exactly. However, his new employer turned out to be a 88-year-old ex-director of B-westerns, whose life's work has sunk already in the utter insignificance. Nevertheless, he wishes to emphasize that appreciated in a monumental biography. Already, the draft contains more than 1,000 pages. It deals almost exclusively with the mother of the director, where he has lived all his life until she died at 102 years. A typical sentence from this biography reads: "And on that day I met Cecil B. DeMille. I immediately ran home to mom to say it. Mama, I said, today I met Cecil B. DeMille! "Matt learns that there have been a number of chauffeur-authors before him, and like them, he is fired after a few months. After that, he tried to be a copywriter for the cinema posters of horror movies (First They Want to meet you, Then They want to eat you!) And even gets an extra in one of the splatter film. However, he makes as a member of a lynch mob in an ill-fitting suit not a very good figure. Matt Los Angeles really starting to hate.

The rabbit

It is precisely this in his burgeoning hatred of the juggernaut Los Angeles, which brought him the idea for the comic series "Life in Hell". The main character of the comic is the rabbit Binky. . A depressed, requiring treatment and life philosophizing contemporary and of course a reflection of his own Choosing a rabbit founded from his experience in "Creature Club" of his childhood: Even then, the other children held his drawn owls for tiny bears and his Bears for dogs. Binky with his two long ears, however, is undoubtedly recognizable as hare. Matt sends comics to his old friends in Portland and finds in them ravenous consumers of its LA-stories. The enthusiasm for "Life in Hell" in his old home encouraged Matt a few even copied books for two dollars interpreted the piece in the punk corner of a record store on Sunset Stripp. Already from the sixth edition he sold more than 500 copies. A breakthrough and the beginning of a true success story. Soon the first Life in Hell strip appears in a magazine and Matt gets a job at the weekly magazine "Los Angeles Reader". He writes music columns and in addition to the work he draws countless episodes with Binky the hare. In 1984 Life is reprinted nationwide in light of 250 different newspapers. A massive success, but at the same time advised his eccentric plate meetings increasing criticism of those responsible at the Los Angeles Reader. Finally he is fired in 1986, but the fees for his comics drop him soft.

The birth

As early as 1985, the film producer James L. Brooks had noticed Matt. He wants Groening draws something for the Tracey Ullman Show and invites him to an interview. Matt seems a little too early on the agreed date and learns with horror that he should have something new, original would prepare. Spontaneously, he reaches for his sketch pad and scribbles drauflos. Within fifteen minutes the entire Simpson family is created including dog Knecht Ruprecht and Grandpa Abe. Only in the name of the inspiration leaves him and he draws on his own family back: father Homer, mother Marge, the sisters Maggie and Lisa. he not only used his own name. He called the son of the Simpsons Bart, an anagram of the English term "Brat", which translates as something like "brat" or "bellows" means. And the interview? Which ran to say it with a beard "Ay, caramba." The rest is history and we can sit back relax and wait for Season 29 and 30 of the Simpsons. Life can be so yellow ...

"Tomorrow is the day after the first day of the rest of your life."

Matt Groening Copyright Photo: © Gage Skidmore - Flickr.com

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