08/17 - Harrison Ford

08/17 - Harrison Ford

A carpenter wants to go upstairs

A star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame have many actors and entertainers. To be exact, the last count in February 2016 was exactly 2,574 pieces on a length of 18 blocks. Among them are many illustrious names, even Donald Trump is immortalized there. No, not because of his actorial qualities in the current tragicomedy Mighty Man of the World , but because ... oh, no matter.

Of course, Harrison Ford also has a star, which, however, has a pale and unimpressive appearance alongside his real awards. This is something you have as one of the best paid actors of Hollywood, since you can do nothing. Fords 'more prestigious award is on the shelves of the world' s toy stores, with two lego - fours adorned by Han Solo from Star Wars and Indiana Jones , the Hunters of the Lost Treasure. He does not follow him that fast.

And then there is a truly extraordinary honor: for his private commitment to environmental protection, an ant and a spider were named after him. Pheidole harrisonfordi and Calponia harrisonfordi crawled since in Ford's name through the protected landscape. Who would have thought the mid-1960s when Harrison Ford earned his living with carpentry? But in turn:

Childhood and youth

On July 13, 1942, Harrison Ford was born in Des Plaines, a small suburb of Chicago. His father, Christopher Ford, is of Irish-German descent and a moderately successful actor. Harrison's mother Dorothy is a housewife and descends from Jewish emigrants from Belarus. In his childhood and youth, Harrison is regarded as an introvert outsider without real friends. Social connections and contacts with boys of his age are found in the Boy Scouts of America, the American counterpart to the European scouts. His time at Ripon College in Wisconsin is quite uneventful except for his acquaintance with his later, first wife Mary Louise Marquardt. When he leaves college for only three days before graduation for some unexplained reason, his movement comes to life, which has been rather quiet.

In search

It attracts Harrison, who secretly dreams of a career as an actor, to Los Angeles. In the then Mecca of the film industry many already failed before him, and at the beginning it does not look too bright at Harrison. He speaks at the big film studios, but the gentlemen of Columbia, MGM and Universal give him a discharge after another: No talent, no training, no star quality, no chance.

Finally, Harrison joins as a carpenter in the props joinery of a small studio. At the beginning, he is responsible for the stage decoration of various musicians and is among other things with the Doors on tour. But soon he makes a name for himself with his own designed pieces of furniture, which quickly become a real hit with the hottest actors and directors. George Lucas, who was still largely unknown at the time, was also attracted to Harrison, and he recognized the extra thing with the young craftsman. He offers him a secondary role in his planned film American Graffiti . Harrison is initially enthusiastic. However, when he learns that his salary is significantly lower than his good merit as a carpenter, he says. Only when Lucas strengthens the charges, the two will agree.

From carpenter to star warrior

American Graffiti is a terrific success for all involved and sets the foundation for Harrison Ford's career. During the filming, a real friendship has developed between him and George Lucas, so it is not surprising that the director proposes the now 34-year-old Ford for a leading role in his next project. Ford agrees and gets the role of the Han Solo in the first part of the Star Wars saga. From this moment, Harrison Ford writes film history. When Star Wars is released in theaters in 1977, the strip around Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and Co releases a true science fiction boom. The eternal struggle between good and evil is teleported with the battle of empire against rebels to a new, image-creating stage of the special effects. Until today's seventh part, the Star Wars saga has lost none of its epic fascination.

The archaeologist with the whip

To put it with a quote from Master Yoda from Star Wars : "Forget what you have learned before." This is exactly what Harrison Ford now means: he can forget the sacking of college, just like the time as a stage - man on tour and His existence as a carpenter. By mid-30, the stranger has become a star who can concentrate fully on acting. He gets roles and plays in a series of films, which do not harm his new-born fame, but his career does not advance.

Only when Steven Spielberg and George Lucas offer him the lead role in their joint filmmaker Hunters of the Lost Treasure can he build on the successes of Star Wars . He plays the figure of the daring archaeologist Indiana Jones in the tribute to the cheap serial adventure films of the 1930s . On spectacular journeys around the world, Indiana Jones is constantly on the lookout for historical artefacts, continually engaging with the Nazis and proving his ability to deal with the whip.

The first part of the Indiana Jones series, which has grown to four parts, catapults the now 39-year-old Ford into the first Hollywood actor's club. With the large-scale action sequences and occasional self-emotions, Hunter of the Lost Treasure becomes Blockbuster of the Year and plays around 400 million dollars worldwide.

Years of success

In the 1980s and 1990s, Harrison Ford filmed a film every year and is considered a true guarantor for sound kino kokobs in Hollywood. Outstanding milestones of this time are movies like Blade Runner by Ridley Scott, the Hitchcock homage Frantic by Roman Polanski and Mike Nichols comedy The Weapons of Women. In 1989 the third part of the Indiana Jones series was released. In The Last Crusade Sean Connery embodies the father of Harrison Ford alias "Indy", whose full name is actually Dr. Henry Walton Jones Jr. is. This continuation will again be a worldwide success and will play just under half a billion dollars.

Even after the turn of the millennium, Harrison Ford does not go much calmer, but begins to get more involved in the environmental protection, far away from the cameras and to pursue his aviation hobby. In 2008, he once again takes on the role of Indiana Jones in the fourth part of the series and will also be likely to be part of the next two parts already planned. Thirty years after the incredible success of Star Wars , he slips into the role of the Han Solo for the seventh and so far last time. During the shooting of Star Wars: Episode VII - The Awakening of Power , Ford breaks a leg, but can continue after a brief recovery.


In the meantime, Harrison Ford is married to the actress Calista Flockhart, who has become known as Ally McBeal . From his first three marriages, a total of four sons and one daughter have emerged. For a brief frenzy in the media, Harrison Ford will be in 2015, when he has to land on a golf course in a self-controlled small-engine with engine damage. He suffers several injuries during the crash, but is now completely recovered. A real Indiana Jones is just not small.

"Having a stuntman do the work is like going out on holiday and letting someone else sleep with your own wife."

Harrison Ford

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