10 things that should have every man in the closet

10 things that should have every man in the closet

Real men have their own stubbornness. And that's just as well! For this reason we are careful not to prescribe you at this point what belongs in your wardrobe and what is not. This list of the top ten is not a command, a more friendly advice on how you could look even better than you are doing at present. As Oscar Wilde said so beautifully: "He says things that annoy me. He gives me good advice "in this sense. Here is our list of must-haves come in the wardrobe of a man.

The Classic: A white T-shirt

Already James Dean and Marlon Brando did it: A white T-shirt always goes! Whether worn under leather jacket, an open shirt or solo to also classic jeans - here is less increasing. So funny t-shirts with print can be, somehow they always work as it should be deflected with the packaging of the contents. Important: Buying T-Shirts spandex with a certain proportion. Then the parts remain perfect even after frequent washing in fit.

A well-cut suit

Although you may hemdsärmelig up in your job - the reason for a well-fitting suit will come. And nothing is more uncool than next to your loved one elegantly styled to look like a drink of water in the curve. A timeless suit is not subject to changing fashion trends. Therefore: If you stay in shape, your suit will do it.

A stylish swimsuit

At the beach or at the pool, they only cut the trunks of the total exposure. Therefore, this little accessory should best get out of the situation. Keywords: preserve dignity. If you do not have a teen steeled astral body, retro shorts with half leg length are the first choice. Who, however, belongs to the group "Dad Bod" and carries around a corresponding thereto belly with it, should resort to somewhat looser-fitting models with elastic band.

A pair of classic shoes

What good is the most beautiful suit when worn out violators destroy the overall picture? I agree! Turns merely the question: Oxford or Derby? At best, you each have a pair. The Oxford is considered due to the closed lacing as elegant and is the first choice when it really is festive. A Derby choosing less formal occasions, which still require a certain elegance. Both models can also be combined with a pair of jeans in trendy casual look.

Stylish underwear

A rule of thumb in front: Every man should have at least eight flawless underpants. Aufgeribbelte seams, holes or stains are absolute no-gos. The phrase "naked except for the underpants" makes the importance of this underrated garment significantly. The cheap five-pack of Grabbeltisch is maximum during exercise allowed - in the locker room are eh 'only men. Otherwise: The moment in which the otherwise invisible underpants is visible, is crucial. A promising Date may be at a Spongebob underpants for real joke. Tip: Tight-fitting retro boxer go in black always.

The perfect jeans

Without many words. Since Levi Strauss in 1873 the first jeans sold is it a cult and it always will be. When fit and size, it is like love: looking for so long, until you find the right one.

A white shirt

A white shirt is the elegant counterpart to the white shirt. Essential for all official occasions when you can bring even the suit out of the closet. Thus, it fits on all occasions, one should choose a model with a simple button-down or Kent collar. Haifischkrägen are rather reserved business types and stand-up collars can quickly act to informally.

The casual leather jacket

A cool leather jacket can bring out the best of each man. Countless prominent role models, from Marlon Brando to David Beckham, there have shown us. With a leather jacket man undergoes a similar deep relationship as a woman: he will have to get used to it, giving it care and attention and may soon no longer imagine life without it.

A traveling bag or weekender in leather

Admittedly not a piece of clothing, but just as essential. When the first visit to the in-laws pending in-law, to make the cheap travel bag that existed as a bonus to the star-subscription, not so good. A Travel leather bag is sturdy, masculine and provides plenty of room for a short stay of three to four days. They also go on the plane as hand luggage by most. Tip: Either put matching color leather jacket, or high contrast.

A timeless watch

Unlike the woman a man does not have many ways to decorate with accessories (at least not without being weird). A watch can be a masculine jewel definitely. Whether the choice falls on a Rolex, Breitling, Omega, or at the Apple Watch, is up to personal taste. In any case the clock should complement your personal style. Only then can it be to loyal companion from mere commodity.

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Published : 05/25/2016 13:06:15