11/16 - Bruce Springsteen

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11/16 - Bruce Springsteen

"We learned more from a three minute record than we ever learned in school."

The Boss is back

The London Hyde Park is transformed with the first drum rhythms into a cauldron. But thousands of fans tear the arms in the air, stomp the brachial clock with their feet and yell what the lungs bear. Transparent frontman depends on the stage a Fender Telecaster around his neck, of course, true to style on your belt. The blue of his shirt is covered with shiny dark sweat stains. "Born down in a dead man's town ...": As the organ starts hymnal, the man steps up to the microphone and singing with his distinctive raspy voice, no he roars the first song row

By now, all doubts of this voice be swept away, no error possible: Here is the "Boss" on stage. And he again gives everything, brings his British fans to together with him "I was born in the USA" to bawl, although the United States are far away across the pond. At this moment, they feel all like real Americans. Like the man brings the ready? To understand this, we take a look at the career of the pioneering musician Bruce Springsteen aka "The Boss".

Everything starts small

Bruce Springsteen was born September 23, 1949 in Long Branch, New Jersey. His childhood is marked by the poor conditions and the religious zeal of his parents alike. Early starts Bruce against the narrow-mindedness of his home, the Catholic school and the middle class small town to rebel. In school, he developed more and more of an outsider, comes constantly into conflict with his teachers and withdraws increasingly. The developed during this time his sense of isolation is intended to accompany him into adulthood. At the age of ten years, Bruce sees the Ted Sullivan Show an appearance by Elvis Presley. Then there is only one goal for him: He wants to become a rock musician. The music seems to be the ideal way to rebel against all the oppressive Kleinstadtmief him. He wants a guitar, get it and learn self-taught to play it.

The course is set

At fourteen, Bruce enters school and begins to look seriously into the music. He buys for $ 18 a used electric guitar, which is one thing: loud. In a later interview he tells about this period: "There were two things that were unpopular with us. One was I and the other my guitar. "The cultural life in the house Springsteen is determined by the television and Bruce has little access to literature. This changes with the lyrics of Bob Dylan that impress him sustainably and characterize his music. At age 16, Bruce joins the band Castiles which quickly plays with appearances in bars and cafes to local celebrity. 1966 draw his parents to California, where the father has a job as a bus driver in prospect. Bruce initially remains alone in the parents in Jersey home and then moves into a room to Asbury Park. He goes no regular job and spending his time with music, softball, surfing, girls and driving. In 1968, he takes the only time in his life a job outside the music scene and is working five weeks as a gardener.

Time finding and initial success

After leaving in the Castiles in 1968 founded and rejects Bruce several band projects in rapid succession, playing as a guest musician in several bands and solo occurs only with the acoustic guitar. He leads a typical vagrant musician's life, earned thereby a good name in the scene. In July 1971, he founded the Bruce Springsteen band that is considered the forerunner of his until now existing E Street Band. With this formation Springsteen takes 1972 his first studio album called Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ. The Springsteen this time will be described in retrospect of companions as manic driven musicians full of zeal. At the same time he was shy and even been naive in business matters. Only on stage Springsteen would completely thawed and leadership have developed.

Springsteen's debut album is indeed a commercial flop, but arouses interest in John Hammond, the managing director of Columbia Records. He takes the young musicians under contract. In the same year Springsteen's second album The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle is published. Although this album flops, it is now referred to by critics as one of the best and unjustly neglected albums Springsteen.

The breakthrough

With his third album Born to Run, Springsteen successful 1975 commercial breakthrough. The press rolls over in praise and superlatives about the birth of a new star. Springsteen's face is the same time as seen on the cover of Time magazine and Newsweek, an honor bestowed only few will. A year earlier, the music critic Jon Landau wrote after a concert by Springsteen, "I have seen the future of rock and roll, and its name is Bruce Springsteen." Shortly thereafter, Springsteen separated by a lawsuit from his manager Mike Appel and said Jon Landau replaces its successor.

From Springsteen is "The Boss"

With the release of the album Born in the USA in 1984, Springsteen is finally a superstar. As many as seven single releases make their way into the top ten and his concerts now fill big stadiums. On the album Born in the USA Springsteen has his songs even more simplified and reduced to the essentials. Crunchy rock riffs on the guitar and catchy "sing along choruses" ensure a high level of recognition and mass compatibility. Since then, Springsteen has published more than a dozen albums, all of which were nearly successful. Many of his numerous fans worldwide revere him as a folk hero. A circumstance to Springsteen not least his most charismatic stage presence and often copied Hemdsärmeligkeit owes.

The magic of texts

Bruce Springsteen portrays in his lyrics often the life of the "little man" with all its ups and downs, the longings and unfulfilled desires. He is regarded as a keen observer and chronicler of the American (Alp), dream and tells the stories of who have stumbled, the underdogs and failed existences. He avoids becoming politically, does not cite any causes or guilty, but describes the impact of maladministration based examples narrated fates. In addition to its powerful music, it is mainly those texts that offer many fans a possibility of identification. He speaks to them from the soul and take it to the heart. In addition, many of his act texts of classic and original American designs: The Road, The River, and not least the freedom symbol par excellence, by car.

Still Alive

Recently, in June 2016 the now 67-year old Springsteen tens of thousands of fans at Berlin's Olympic Stadium has enthusiastically. From fatigue and age no trace: more than three hours at full throttle, from a hit to the next. And always there: The legendary E Street Band, whose lead guitarist Steven Van Zandt many now "Lilly Hammer" is likely to be a term as a protagonist of the series. It was a great celebration: When the Boss sings, halt all come ...

"An unfulfilled life makes a hard man."

Bruce Springsteen

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