11/17 - Eminem

11/17 - Eminem

Hard wave

A short excerpt from the German translation of the Eminem song "Cold Wind Blows" makes it clear why one will search in vain for the most successful rapper of all time on a cuddly rock CD:

"You get an ass kick, fuck all that shit, darling.

Yes, I laugh when I call you a whore, it's funny.

Little, dancing while I insult you to the beat, fuck the words.

You do not listen to them anyway, yeah, I probably hit a sore spot. "

Hard words, backed by equally strong beats. This is not really mass-compatible, but over time Eminem has provided a solid and predominantly male fanbase. And, more importantly, respect in the predominantly black rappers scene in the US. For that respect, the underdog from Detroit has had to take a stony path. Let's go back together to the year 1972 and get a picture of how rocky this way really was.

A torn childhood

Eminem was born on 17 October 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri, as Marshall Bruce Mathers III. When Marshall is three months old, his father leaves his 17-year-old mother Deborah "Debbie" Mathers in the lurch and disappears without a trace. Debbie is drug addicted, violent and hopelessly overwhelmed with the situation. She also suffers (as Eminem later mentions in the song My Mom ) at the Munchausen syndrome. It is a special form of child maltreatment in which the mother repeatedly fakes alleged illnesses of Marshall.

Financial problems force Debbie to 30 moves in quick succession with which her son's constant change of school goes hand in hand. As the "eternally new" Marshall is repeatedly victim of bullying and exclusion. At age 10, he is beaten so severely that he has a brain hemorrhage and is in a coma for five days. After he awakens from the coma, he still suffers from a loss of sight and hearing for a long time. Debbie then sued the school. The process, however, runs after a year in the sand. When Marshall is twelve years old, Debbie moves with him to Warren, a suburban community in Detroit. Marshall spends the rest of his youth in the predominantly Afro-American district.

Distinctive influences

Marshall's only a few months older Halbonkel Ronald "Ronnie" Polkinghorn thrilled the boy for rap music. The Beastie Boys and the hip hop crew NWA become his musical role models. Already at the age of 14 Marshall begins to participate in freestyle battles of Osborn High School. He is "fuckin 'brilliant" to stay in the slang of the scene and quickly earns his first laurels as an underground rapper. At this time he also meets his future wife Kimberley "Kim" Ann Scott. His achievements in school are getting worse and he has to repeat the ninth grade twice. At the age of 17, he throws the school without a degree and begins to keep afloat with odd jobs. For a while he works in a restaurant called "Gilbert's Lodge", where he takes the guests' orders with rhymes. He does not live with his mother at this time and has to change his apartment several times overnight because he can not pay his rent. In 1991, his halfbonus Ronnie shoots himself with a sawed off shotgun. This tragic event plunges Marshall into a serious crisis, as Ronnie was for him friend, role model and substitute father at the same time.

Last Exit Rap

In 1992, brothers Mark and Jeff Bass of Detroit label FBT Productions sign 20-year-old Marshall. He becomes a member of the rap crew "Bassmint Productions" under the name M & M ( M arshall M athers). In 1995 the crew changed their name to "Soul Intent" and released their first single with the telling title "Fuckin 'Backstabber" (Damn In-The-Back-Stecher). To avoid a lawsuit with Mars Inc., the maker of candy M & M's, Marshall renounces his stage name M & M and is henceforth called Eminem, a colloquial variant of "M and M". On December 25 of the same year, Eminem's and Kim's first daughter, Hailie Jade, is born. At the same time, the young couple adopted Kim's niece Alaina, whose parents had died in an accident just before.

A year later, Eminem met his future manager Paul Rosenberg. Paul is a former rapper himself, but at the time he is a lawyer, as he wants to enter the financial and legal world of the music business. Directed by FTB Productions, Eminem releases his debut album "Infinite", which will be released with a circulation of 1000 cassettes (!) And 100 vinyl albums. He uses the cassettes primarily to compete with promoters and a total of only 250 copies of Infinite sell. Shortly after the publication Eminem commits suicide attempt due to personal problems and alcohol and drug abuse.

Eminem meets Slim Shady

In 1996, his rap colleague "Proof" founds a loose collective of six rappers. All members decide to create an alter ego for their person to develop undisturbed their real hardcore rap. So Eminem becomes the fictional character "Slim Shady" and he publishes an EP under the name "The Slim Shady EP".

When he takes second place at the 1997 Rap Olympics and wins the coveted "Freestyle Performer of the Year" award, the CEO of Interscope Records becomes aware of him. Eminem gets a record deal immediately. Based on his Slim Shady EP, he will make his first real album "The Slim Shady LP".

The breakthrough

When "The Slim Shady LP" is released in February 1999, the Eminem rocket takes off. Overnight, the album scores at No. 2 on the American Billboard charts and is already awarded in 2000 with quadruple platinum for over 4 million copies sold. At this point, events begin to flip over until they culminate in the title of "Most Successful Rapper in the World". Let's take a look at some of the most notable and unpleasant snapshots of the past 18 years:

Shocking moments

As early as 1999, Eminem's mother sued him for $ 10 million in compensation. The reason: evil slander. In various interviews, the rapper refers to his mother as an "unstable, law suit-happy drug user" (labile, process-loving drug addicts). After settling for a payment of $ 10,000, the lawsuit is dropped.

In May 2000, Eminem was sentenced to two years in prison for unauthorized possession of weapons. He threatened his wife Kim's lover with an (uncharged) weapon and beat him to hospital. Shortly thereafter, the marriage is divorced after a suicide attempt Kim's.

In 2003 Eminem received three awards at the Grammy Awards, but at the same time his drug use gets out of control. After initial denial he admits to be dependent on Vicodin, Valium and Ambien. After he has to cancel a tour in 2005 because of fatigue, he goes into a drug withdrawal, which, however, remains unsuccessful.

After a musical break, Eminem almost died in 2007 of an overdose of methadone. He agrees to another withdrawal, this time running successfully. Only in the year 2010 he is back on the stages of some major festivals for the first time. These are the first concerts of his life when he is clean and sober.

Last but not least: the lyrics

Throughout his career, Eminem has been repeatedly criticized for his aggressive lyrics. On the other hand, he sees himself as a peace-loving person who says what others think but do not dare to utter. To the accusation that he is homophobic is contrary to Eminem that in his native Detroit the word "fagot" does not refer to a homosexual, but a weakling, and he uses it in this sense in his texts. His own lyrics are ironic exaggerations of "stereotypical rapper behavior," which he wants his listeners to interpret as follows:

"Do not use drugs, do not have unprotected intercourse, do not be violent - leave that to me!"


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