12/16 - Robert De Niro

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12/16 - Robert De Niro

The Avengers still practicing ...

A shabby apartment somewhere in New York City. In half-blind mirror next to the barred window, a young man can be seen. He clips a jacket over his bare, pale chest and pulls the zipper. Faster panning at the man. He folds his arms and looks at his reflection with abschätzigem look like an unwelcome stranger. Then everything happens very quickly: His look is asking provocative, a jerky movement with the upper body and suddenly the man holding a gun in his hand. He directed with a triumphant expression on his reflection, mumbles a few words, lowers his weapon. A metallic clack is heard, as he pushes the gun back into the jacket sleeve. Then again the look in the mirror, wondering. His words come incredulous astonishment: "You talkin 'to me? You talkin 'to me? You talkin 'to me? Then who the hell else are you talkin 'to? You talkin 'to me? Well I'm the only one here. Who the fuck do you think you're talking to? "A renewed flash-like twitching with the upper body and the weapon is again in his hand. Cut.

What was that? Well, that was Travis Bickle, also known as the "Taxi Driver", when trying out his self-built Quick-draw sleeve Gun mechanism. When fitted to an arm device, with the rockets hidden in the sleeve gun on a slide in the hand. In a flash, surprising and deadly. is Embodies the after vigilante Travis Bickle thirsty in Martin Scorsese's film "Taxi Driver" by Robert De Niro. That was in 1976. What happened before and after the "razorblade smile" in the life of this exceptional actor, comes now:

The artist child

On August 17, 1943 Robert Mario De Niro Jr.. In New York, USA is born. Both parents are artists: Robert's mother is a painter and editor of an art magazine, his father is a painter and sculptor. Two years after his birth to separate parents and Robert moved with his mother in the district of Little Italy in Manhattan. Because of his poor health, Robert needs most of the time to stay home and not allowed to play with the neighborhood kids on the street. With ten years Robert has for the first time on a stage: The shy and reserved boy, named because of its pallor of all "Bobby Milk", takes place in a school production of "The Wizard of Oz" the Cowardly Lion. In a later interview he says about this key moment in his life: "I wanted to be an actor already with ten years".

Early orientation

With 16 Robert left school to pursue a career as an actor. His parents support his artistic ambitions and did not require something "decent" to learn from him. He walks with a tour-theater on the road and earned in the play "The Bear" by Anton Chekhov his first salary. After a tour of the southern states, where he is occupied in several leading roles, it starts at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting to take acting lessons. In particular, the well of his idol Marlon Brando learned there technique of "Method Acting" fascinated the young actor. He will work throughout his career as a method actor with skin and hair. Each figure shown is fully lived by him and experienced in all facets.

first spores

This is followed by engagements in various theater performances and first small film roles. 1970 Oscar winner Shelley Winters on De Niro is attentive. They cast him as her partner in "One Night Stands of a Noisy Passenger". De Niro has to destroy in the piece, a bed with a karate chop. Full method actor he trained martial arts for months, his newly acquired skills, however, can only demonstrate seven times before the play is stopped. Although the play flopped, his performance is praised by theater critics. After some further theater roles De Niro decided to concentrate on his film career.

Fateful Encounters

1973 De Niro plays the main role in the sports drama "The Last Game" and honored for his intense portrayal of dying baseball player Bruce person with the "New York Film Critics Award" for Best Actor. Shortly thereafter, he meets the director Martin Scorsese, who grew up just like him in the Little Italy district. Scorsese gives De Niro the role of neurotic Johnny Boy in his film "cauldron". The film is heavily influenced biographical and tells the story of some small-time crook who penetrated in the Italian section of New York. The critics are full of praise and rotated with a budget $ 500,000 film is a more than $ 3 million at the box office. The beginning of a beautiful friendship: De Niro is to Scorsese's Favourite actor from 1973 to 1995, working together with eight successful films.

The Godfather

After the success of "cauldron" is replaced by De Niro Francis Ford Coppola the coveted role of the Godfather Vito Corleone in "The Godfather - Part 2". He embodies it in a flashback to the young Corleone, whose role was played in the first part of Marlon Brando. The film is a grand, worldwide success and catapulted De Niro in the status of a superstar. "The Godfather - Part 2" in 1974 eleven times nominated for an Oscar and may end up winning six of the coveted trophies. An Oscar goes to De Niro for his portrayal of the young Corleone.

taxi Driver

1976 succeed in the dream team Scorsese / De Niro an unqualified success: With the gloomy drama "Taxi Driver" create a movie classic that has not lost any of its intensity and force. De Niro embodies, no lives in the uprooted Vietnam veteran Travis Bickle. As "God's loneliest man" he is working as a taxi driver in New York and is deeply disgusted by the human scum whom he meets in his long nights. He swings the self-proclaimed protector and avenger of child prostitutes on (Jodie Foster) and proposes a bloody path through New York. To prepare for his role De Niro worked before shooting several weeks as a taxi driver. The film is a success, playing a 28 million dollars and established De Niro finally as a leading character actor of America.

Achievements and Private

The filmography Robert De Niro already includes more than 100 films. In addition, he has worked as a producer with 22 films and even performed twice director. Unforgotten his portrayal of Jake LaMotta in boxing drama "Raging Bull" of 1980. A role for which De Niro, in the style of Method Acting, a whole year took boxing lessons and grew 30 kilos in weight. Besides two Oscars Robert De Niro has been honored with probably all prices there reap the American film business.

In private life nothing can acknowledge De Niro the "Wild Bull": He lives quietly in New York and shy away from hype. According to his own words, he just goes to Los Angeles "... if I'm getting paid for." In interviews he gives reluctantly and rarely, he is regarded as monosyllabic and no assistance with his role preparation or acting technique. From his twelve-year marriage to actress Diahnne Abbott (1976 until 1988) showed a common son. Two more children come from a long-standing relationship with the model Toukie Smith. Since 1997, De Niro is married to Grace Hightower. They live today together more and have two children together.

Finally, and hard to believe: Robert De Niro likes in his own words, his films not all ... "I sleep while a".

"There is an old saying that states with marriage, it would be like a boxing match: First comes the ring, then the KO"

Robert De Niro

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