15 things that women find irresistible to a man

15 things that women find irresistible to a man

There are things that make a man completely independent of its appearance attractive. getting to you is the first step in order to internalize. Only then they can be implemented in daily life. Not every man is given all of these properties by nature, but if only the pursuit after an impact. And besides, you have a much longer half-life than strong muscles or beautiful eyes! Here we go:


Not without reason have Rockstars groupies and actor fans: you can come up with talent. Sometimes more sometimes less. Anyway it stand out from the crowd. That is also the reason why the guitarist campfire ALWAYS a woman takes, no matter what he looks like. It is a minor matter, where the talent is - it's about the passion and into ambitious lifeblood behind.


Probably the most archaic male attribute since the Incarnation in the Stone Age. Here, however, does not mean that a mammoth compelling body strength. The by a man radiated mental strength is more impressive than any steeled biceps.


This property seems to be only at first glance contradicts the strength. A strong man, who is not afraid at the appropriate moment a weakness to admit, thereby proving strength, rather than to question.


The sentence "You can love others only when you love yourself" is well known. And also the explanation for why women find men so damn attractive with confidence. To be loved by a confident man does for the woman: He does not need me, but he wants me. That's the point.


No, it is not about the body temperature. This refers to an emotional warmth. The is the way not only men well, but has a positive effect in everyone. Who emotionally abkapselt and barricaded gets lonely. It's not about constantly to sweep his inside out, but open, friendly and turned to deal with others. Keywords: affection.


Men without humor is unbearable in the long run. And humor is meant not throbbing leg Gaudi of Mario Barth or the biting cynicism of Stefan Raab. It is about the ability to meet even the serious things of life with a certain ease. Or, very importantly, to be able to laugh too, even about themselves. Intelligence conquered a woman's head. Humor heart. Point.


Let's face it: Really deep feelings (or even love) we can only perceive people with whom we are at eye level. Ambitious striving to have a direction in life, to pursue one goal: All that compels a woman from respect and admiration. And this mixture of pride and recognition is the cement any relationship at eye level. So: Always stay on the ball makes the long term attractive!


Real and sincere listening means: to have all own interests, experiences and judgments once completely sidelined. A gift that many want but few possess. Since it is practice, namely deliberately. Listening is one of the largest value estimates, which can prove to his opponent. A good listener is attractive to a woman ALWAYS!


It does not have the etiquette, but a certain amount of traditional manners is always well received. One woman hold the door open to help her into her coat or straighten the chair means: Minimal effort for maximum appeal.


Here it is not a question at any time to have the proverbial Spendierhosen. Remember: money is for those who have nothing else! What is meant is rather a general willingness to share, it was time, emotions or openness. Conversely, of course, is price as one of the most unpleasant character traits absolutely unattractive.


Sounds funny once, but if a woman really does not like someone, then her husband should he kindly also can not stand. That does not mean completely uncritically to accept a different opinion, but to stand in emotional issues behind the woman's heart. Loyalty to sacrifice a personal benefit, making more than unattractive: It disqualified a man completely!


In the exasperating question "Where are we going to eat?" Just once to take the initiative is well received. Not to waste any time, but to make clear statements, is generally a good idea. But be careful on the thin line between attractive initiative and unpleasant dominance. Rules can make any woman happy. Men also not incidentally.


Thus, not only the visual arts, music or any other type of musical ability is meant. It is about creative design both the private and the common time. Every woman can be happy surprise: A spontaneous city trip over the weekend, a romantic picnic or a surprising invitation to the cinema / concert / theater. It works!

Courtesy to your best friend

The way to the heart of a mother via her child. The way to the heart of the beloved leads over her best friend. A man who treated the best friend polite and respectful, signaled: I follow Dont intentions, but there is something about you and your life. I recognize the importance of your friends and treat them accordingly.

Respect for one's mother

A man who maintains a friendly respectful relationship with his mother, collects plus points in every woman. The relationship with the mother reveals the fundamental attitude of a man towards women. But beware, applies here: It is about the proportionality. Mama's boy or men who say goodbye on the phone from her mother with "I've got you too mommy" are, every woman elicit an exasperated sigh.

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Published : 05/19/2016 14:02:28