Three-day beard trim and shave contours

Three-day beard trim and shave contours

A well-groomed three-day beard is the successful compromise between a clean-shaven face and a full beard. It gives you just the hint of daring that goes down so well with women. So that your look does not just look like "too lazy to shave", here's the ultimate care guide for all city cowboys.

Grow a three-day beard

In this case, all beginning is easy, because you do not do anything except let nature take its course. Say: you let your beard sprout. A beard hair grows an average of 0.3 millimeters per day. In a few days comes quite a decent length together. Of course, the three-day beard does not have to be exactly three days old. Everything with a length of 0.5 to 4 millimeters falls into this category. It's your face, so you decide what grows there how long.

Do not worry if your new three-day beard still has gaps in the beginning. The approximately 7,000 to 15,000 whiskers grow at different speeds and over time their growth becomes denser. Now is the time to make a bit of Myth Buster and clean up with a persistent rumor: The male beard growth is NOT denser by frequent shaving. Point. So always stay relaxed and stay calm. With a little patience and proper care, your three-day beard will soon be a real eye-catcher.

Trim a three-day beard

After a few days, it's time to tame the growth in your face for the first time. The tool of choice for this is an electric beard trimmer whose cutting length can be adjusted to the millimeter. When buying such a machine you should take a few euros in the hand and inform you well in advance. You can forget about offers from the Grabbeltisch in the discounter. The cheap devices are more trouble than joy. Tip: Go to a barbershop and let a barber recommend a good trimmer. Or you can give you a buy recommendation from a three-day beard carrier from your circle of friends.

Buying a powerful beard trimmer will pay for itself in the long run: If you decide to make a full beard out of your three-day beard one day, a quality trimmer will be an indispensable tool in its care as well.

To trim your beard, set the cut length of the beard trimmer to a value between one and three millimeters, depending on how long your whiskers are already. Then you use the cutting attachment to evenly remove all facial contours in the beard area. The whole is a matter of a few minutes and should be repeated every two to three days to get all the whiskers to length. Note: Only a regularly trimmed three-day beard looks good, everything else looks quickly neglected.

A three-day beard loves clean contours

Show clear edge. What applies in life generally applies to the three-day beard in particular. The beard growth in the cheek and neck area should be clearly defined, so that your three-day beard is not classified in the category "wanted and not skilful". Tip: make an appointment in the barbershop before the first self-attempts and let a professional shave the contours. He has a practiced eye, which contour fits best to your face shape. You can orient yourself to this requirement if you yourself reach for a razor . The last sentence also clarifies the question of how best to shave the contours of a three-day beard: the extremely sharp blade of a razor blade guarantees clean contours.

If you've never had a razor in your hand, we recommend that you read our post The correct posture of the razor . And if you feel the razor-related effort is too big, you can opt for a high-quality razor shavering the beard contours . There are also the benefits of shaving oil over shaving foam when shaving the beard contours explained.

So far at this point. This should answer the most important questions and you can soon present yourself with your three-day beard and a completely new look. Little effort, big impact - that's the way it should be.

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Published : 01/11/2018 09:32:24