Smoking a pipe for beginners

Smoking a pipe for beginners

If you want to smoke a tobacco pipe for the first time, you'll soon realize that there are huge differences to smoking a cigarette. Enjoying a pipe is not for the hustle and bustle - "Quick smoke" does not work here.

Newcomers to pipe smoking should therefore take the time to internalize some tips and tricks from professionals. With our little tutorial you are on the safe side avoiding bad smoke experiences or (in the worst case) damaging your tobacco pipe.

That's what you need to smoke a pipe

Well equipped is half smoked. Here is a list of the things that you should have in your first smoker's experiments.

  • a whistle
  • suitable filters
  • pipe tobacco
  • a pipe stopper
  • pipe cleaners
  • wax-free matches or (better) a pipe lighter
  • a pipe ashtray with cork insert (optional)

Smoke the right pipe

"A tobacco pipe is not given." Among passionate pipe smokers, this sentence is considered an unwritten law. In all likelihood, you will not find anyone who can lend you his beloved smoking instrument on a "try it out" basis. When buying your first tobacco pipe, the following applies: As good entry-level pipes, so-called "billiard" models have proven their worth. Their straight shape prevents unwanted accumulation of condensed moisture inside the pipe. Make sure that there is a chamber in the pipe spar for receiving a filter. Smoking a pipe without a filter is an art for the advanced. If you want to spend a little more money, a buffalo pipe made of bruyere wood is the best choice. It guarantees a dry, mild and cool smoking pleasure. In our post The World of Tobacco Pipes you will learn all about the different pipe shapes and the materials used in the manufacture.

Smoking a pipe - the preparation

Just as a car is driven in and a horse is ridden in, a whistle must be smoked in. There are in the trade "pre-smoked" pipes, but the so-called "third method" is recommended. For this you only fill the pipe bowl with tobacco at the first smoke tests for one third of the time. Then you increase the capacity by another third, in order to finally get you to the complete filling. This method ensures that the coal in the lower pipe bowl develops stronger (important for the life of your pipe). How to make the right stuffing of a smoking pipe is explained in our tutorial Whistle for beginners .

Smoking a pipe - the practice

After filling, you can smoke your pipe. Instead you hold the flame of match or pipe lighter over the pipe bowl and gently pull on the mouthpiece. The tobacco will rear up. Using the pipe stuffer, carefully squeeze the burnt surface of the tobacco and re-ignite the pipe until the entire filling glows. When smoking a pipe you do not pull the smoke into the lungs, but just puffing. If the smoke is burning on the tongue it is too hot. Try to pull as evenly and quietly as possible.

Smoking a pipe - the follow-up

When you have finished smoking your pipe you should let it cool down before cleaning it. During this time, the smoke produced by the pipe is absorbed by the ashes of the tobacco. Basically, you should allow your smoking instrument to rest for 24 hours before using it again. How to clean a tobacco pipe properly, you will learn in our tutorial Clean pipe for beginners.

As you can see, smoking a pipe is not witchcraft. Do not be discouraged by initial failures. Good things will take a while. With growing experience, the smoking pipe will turn you into flesh and blood and you will be able to look up the bluish puffs of smoke.

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Published : 12/29/2017 06:49:12