• Making school an electrifying experience

    Published : 12/17/2015

    Nelson Mandela understood that ""Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world." Nevertheless, good education is by no means readily available in South Africa...

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  • Giving the gift of water

    Published : 12/10/2015

    Humans can only survive for four days without drinking water. Jon Rose, a former professional surfer, has devoted his own life to the fight for this life-giving liquid...

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  • High Noon on the Stove

    Published : 12/3/2015

    From the streets of Kreuzberg to the kitchen of his own restaurant. Berlin-based celebrity chef, Tim Raue, learned how to look after himself in the "36 Boys" street gang...

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  • The cyborg maker from Berlin

    Published : 11/26/2015

    When science fiction is overtaken by reality: in the labs of the new, Berlin-based startup, Cellbrick, human organs are created using 3D printers..

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  • Son of Ironman

    Published : 11/19/2015

    Not many people manage to cross the finishing line of an Ironman Challenge. In 2015, Britain's Alex Smith achieved his goals, but not on his own...

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  • The cat whisperer

    Published : 11/12/2015

    Do we really want to know what our cats think about us? After all, there is a risk of hearing things like "Get moving, tin opening slave,I'm hungry."...

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  • The Highlander from the Rhineland

    Published : 11/5/2015

    When men in kilts throw giant tree trunks into the air, it can mean only one thing: the Highland Games are underway...

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  • Eat like Superman

    Published : 10/29/2015

    Goofy, Mickey Mouse's clumsy but lovable companion, also has a hidden side to his character. Whenever he nibbles at the peanut plant that grows in his garden, he transforms into Supergoof and ...

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  • Upcycling XXL

    Published : 10/22/2015

    A new trend is doing the rounds online: upcycling. The idea behind the trend is as simple as it is convincing, and can be summarized with the age-old concept of making new from old. This means [...]

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