Around the world in 1,205 days

Around the world in 1,205 days

Imagine getting away from it all. Just taking off and leaving it all behind. Heading off without a destination, just pursuing a dream and satisfying a desire. That runs more through some people's blood than others'. There are stay-at-home types, firmly rooted in their hometowns and the lives they've made for themselves. And then, there are the travelers, whose home is anywhere. Or nowhere. Patrick and Gwen from the sedate city of Freiburg definitely belong to the tribe of travellers.

The couple both set off in March 2013 to circumnavigate the globe. Unlike Phileas Fogg, the hero of Jules Verne's novel "Around the World in 80 Days," they weren't interested in speed. On the contrary: they wanted to avoid travelling by plane altogether and use only cars, trains and boats instead. Or quite simply by walking. 31-year-old Patrick works as a freelance cameraman and aims to document the journey. Gwen is 21 years old and had begun to travel extensively immediately after graduating high school. They headed east, with the goal of eventually coming home from the west. Once they arrived in Moscow, they ditched their original plan to travel onward on the Trans-Siberian Railway, as they got around very well in Russia just by hitchhiking. They wandered on through Central Asia, the Caucasus, Iran, and Pakistan, taking a rest where they were welcomed and documenting their experiences in a written travelog.

After 10 months on the road, they reached India. Their journey would have taken just ten hours by plane. They remained faithful to their original intention of never spending more than five euro per person, per day, performing work in exchange for free food and board. Late in summer 2014, Gwen found out that she was pregnant. They decided to change their travel plans and took a container ship from Tokyo to Mexico. There, they bought an old VW bus, naming it Carlos, and converted it into a mobile home. Once their son, Bruno, was born, they travelled onward through Central America in their VW bus. Finally, they traveled across the Atlantic by boat, arriving in Barcelona in Spain. They completed the remaining leg to Freiburg exclusively on foot, with Bruno on their backs. In total, they covered around 97,000 kilometers over three-and-a-half yaers.

In the meantime, Gwen and Patrick have used the capital from a crowdfunding campaign to produce a documentary film from the film footage they created on the road. With the title of "„WEIT. Die Geschichte von einem Weg um die Welt (or "FAR AWAY: the story of a journey around the world") it was a hit, playing very successfully in several German theaters from March 2017 onward. Sometimes, the couple still dreams of a little house with a white picket fence. If only it wasn't for the longing to get away.


  • Names: Gwen Weisser (25) and Patrick Allgaier (34)
  • Hometown: Freiburg, Germany
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Published : 08/29/2017 07:43:10