Beard dyeing quickly explains

Beard dyeing quickly explains

Dye the beard? Really now? Yes, why not! The reasons why you want to dye your beard, you know yourself best. Whether colorful as a gag to the carnival, in the colors of your football club in the final or to conceal the first gray strands. Just do it if you feel like it. But then make it right with this guide.

Dye beard: the right preparation

Although the topic of "beard dyeing" has only been a topic of discussion for a short time, there are already numerous products that are becoming a trend. When choosing the right dye, trust the recommendation of a friend or barber more than the promises of advertising. As far as dyeing body hair of any kind, women are clearly one step ahead of us. Products that color eyelashes or eyebrows may also be suitable for your beard. The color does not care where the hair grows.

However, whiskers are much thicker and unruly than head hair. Accordingly, when dyed beard they accept the color only reluctantly. But do not worry, if the end result is too unspectacular for you, you can easily start a second round to intensify the color.

The whiskers should be clean before the beard, but not freshly washed. It's best to wash your beard thoroughly with a good bartshampoo and dye it the next day. This also gives you enough time to test whether your skin is allergic to the chosen colorant. To do this, you apply a tiny amount of the product on the inside of your forearm. Reacts the skin with itching or redness, fingers away. If your skin does not react, you can set up the equipment needed to dye the beard. You need:

  • the colorant of your choice with color tube and developer tube
  • a bowl for mixing the color
  • a mixing stick
  • a special flat brush for applying the paint (drugstore) or a discarded and cleaned mascara brush
  • your face cream
  • Plastic gloves
  • a big towel or a dressing gown
  • a damp cloth to immediately remove any splashes on tiles or bathroom furniture

Dye beard: Let's go!

First, you mix the color. Follow the instructions in the leaflet carefully and do not forget the gloves. Then you put the towel or the hairdressing cape around your shoulders and cream the skin around the beard with the facial cream. Do not skip lotion for convenience or because it seems unmanly to you: rubbing off the color from your skin to the beard is definitely not a pleasure. Now you take with the brush (or the mascara brush) paint and distribute them quickly in the dry beard hair. Above all, if you work against the grain (ie against the growth direction of the whiskers), paint can splash around. Remove the splash of paint as soon as possible, after all, you do not want to have to redecorate the bathroom after renovating the beard.

Perfect. Now you let the color work as long as it says on the package instructions. If you worry that the color becomes too intense, you can shorten the exposure time. Note: Dyeing the beard twice is easier than washing out too much paint.

Beard dye: The follow-up

You can use the exposure time to clean the equipment required for dyeing your beard. Now it's exciting, because the color is washed out. The easiest way to do this is to go under the shower with your usual bar-shampoo . Dry your beard thoroughly afterwards and risk a look in the mirror. And satisfied? If the color is too pale, you can simply repeat the whole procedure and extend the exposure time. If the color is too intense, it helps to wash the beard several times, possibly with a clarifying shampoo.

So. That should not stand in the way of your project "Bart coloring". And remember: the main thing you dare - a handsome man can not disfigure anything.

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Published : 01/8/2018 15:06:51