Beard contours trimming at a full beard

Beard contours trimming at a full beard

There is no one beard. There are three-day beards, beards, beards and all kinds of hair on the face of a man. But above all, there is the full beard.
Surely it is a matter of taste, whether you can grow his facial hair to full splendor, or shaved at the neck and on the cheeks in beard care, to give his beard contours. For proud bearers of a sumptuous Vollbarts include a beard comb and a beard scissors then the indispensable tools in a beard care set. And these devices do not require so much practice for effective and soothing care of the beard.
Commercially available wet razors or these plastic parts from the supermarket are - if at all - at best for a smooth shave. Proper beard care looks different and a good beard care set you can not draw incidentally from a supermarket shelf.

Above all, it is important to take time for beard care. That starts with the beard growth. Most men need at least 10 days, when they should not touch their beard, but should observe how it grows at all. After a few critical glances in the mirror, each man should be able to recognize which beard contours match his face and his head shape. That's the great thing about a beard and, above all, a beard. Anyone who thinks they have a head that is too round can optically lengthen their face. Who thinks his sunken cheeks do not fit the overall picture, can give them more abundance through advantageous beard contours. And if you really want to hide some blemishes, hair can grow over it. Therefore, the beard is a gift of nature to the man. No make-up, no rouge and no camouflage - the beard can do it. The right beard care required and the appropriate beard care set of course at hand.

With a regular beard care never comes the problem of having to deal with too long whiskers. For it is these lusciously proliferating hairs that prevent clear beard contours. The beard must always be trimmed in a dry state. With a beard comb, which contains every beard care set, the beard can be combed into the desired form. This is absolutely no witchcraft, as long as you do not use a commercial hair comb. It only takes a little rest and dedication. So these can be the pleasant minutes of the day.
A full beard looks optimally cared for when the area between mustache and sideburns is just shaved or runs in a slight curve. The lines are of course determined by the head shape and the desired effect. The important thing is that nowhere is a hair standing around individually and the beard contour is clear and clear, so it follows from the cheeks also on the chin no adventurous curves.
If the hair grows almost under the eye sockets, the beard contours should start as high as possible. However, if you have a beard that is rather sparse on your cheeks, you should use a lower profile of your beard, so that weak points are better concealed.
Either way, the right and professional beard care set is the most important requirement for good care of the beard.

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Published : 02/20/2018 12:41:16