Care Duo: Bart Bart Shampoo & Oil

Care Duo: Bart Bart Shampoo & Oil

The trend towards Bart continues unabated in the next round. Of the male stars at the Oscars to the bartender in the favorite pub: bearded, far as the eye. Even in the world of business and high finance the beard is not a no-go more - managers and board members have long since jumped on the male train. A fact unites the new generation "Bart": Sets it must be the masculine facial jewelry. This requires not only time and dedication above all: The right care products. Just like head hair have whiskers needs that can be satisfied with relatively little effort. The times in which man the word "care" only to his car thought are thankfully over.

"Once underbody wash please!"

Of course, the beard is automatically washed together with every shower, but it only superficially cleaned. For the thorough removal of all dust and debris, dead skin flakes and maintenance products, residues of the beard must be shampooed and rinsed into the depths. For this is a good beard shampoo the drug of choice. In addition to the cleaning effect give the natural ingredients of a good shampoo the beard a wonderful softness and pleasant aroma. Two factors make the guarantee for a good relationship between your beard and the woman of your choice. Their facial skin benefits from the soothing effect of a shampoo. Under a beard airflow is severely restricted and also microscopic particles of dead skin cells accumulate at the points where the whiskers: An ideal breeding ground for skin irritation and itching. With a regular and thorough washing beard bend these undesirable side effects of your second best piece before term.

"Once check oil level please!"

What women conditioner and conditioner are for their hair, has the facial hair of the man only one name: Bart oil. A single product for the entire round care? Yes, but it has it all. A good beard oil is made from natural ingredients and fragrances, has a resounding effect and is easy to use. Sounds like whiskey, right? In some ways that's true even: In both cases there is a fine wine. But back to the topic. Whiskers naturally inclined to a certain stubbornness, which can be increased to a "Bad-Beard-Day" to insubordination. Since no comb and brush no more help - the whiskers develop a life of their own and strive in all directions. In this case, a few drops of oil beard work wonders. Simply sprinkle into your palms and rub thoroughly into the beard. The fine film of oil tames stubborn hairs and gives Bart a silky sheen. After massaging in the oil of the beard comb or brush may be further treated. As a rule, Beard Oil of two components: a carrier or base oil and strongly diluted essential oils. The base oil provides the smoothing effect while (depending on the choice) form the essential oils, the care and fragrance components. Bart oil should be used sparingly and must be thoroughly washed with shampoo beard before shaving or trimming the beard.

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Published : 02/23/2016 11:58:08