Coffee for better drinkers

Coffee for better drinkers

Coffee is not bitter!

No coffee, that's bitter. However, there is a lack of really good coffee in many places. What's offered in plastic or styrofoam cups "To Go" drives tears to the real coffee connoisseur. Even the supply of common industrial coffee in the supermarket can not convince. AP Donovan has decided to close this glaring supply gap with its own top coffee. He should be strong, masculine in character and at the same time captivating in aromas. We traveled far to find what we were looking for in a small Italian coffee roastery.

UnAltroCaffè - the other coffee

Italy is considered the European cradle of espresso. It is not without reason that the term "Caffè Napoletano" has become the world-renowned synonym for top class coffees. And just there, just outside Naples, the traditional roasting plant UnAltroCaffè refines green coffees from the best growing areas of the world according to old recipes. We looked over their shoulder.

Taste guaranteed drum roasting

The heart of the UnAltroCaffè roasting plant is a classic Probat Neptune drum roaster. In contrast to industrial hot air roasting, which is designed for large amounts of coffee and short roasting times, the drum roaster works with comparatively small amounts of coffee and longer roasting times. And just this deceleration of the roasting process gives the green coffee enough time to develop its full aroma. As so often applies here: In the peace is the strength. The only concession to the fast-paced modernity is a computer-controlled monitoring of the roasting process, which guarantees a consistent quality of the various types of coffee.

Coffee for all senses

In a series of tastings, we drank our way through the UnAltroCaffè roasting range and opted for two coffees. Anyone who drinks coffee not only for the invigorating effect, but also a fan of his taste, will get his money's worth with the two coffees selected by us. Both the Positano and the Italy Bleand spring directly from the typical Italian coffee and espresso culture. You can see that, it smells and above all: You can taste it at the first sip. Let's take a closer look at these two coffees in a class of their own.

Coffee Italy Bleand

This exceptional coffee composition is 100 percent Robusta coffee beans. His secret lies in a perfectly balanced blend of the spicy beans of Uganda and the low-acid beans of India. During drum roasting with a dark roast, the coffee develops a very intense aroma, but leaves enough room for fine flavors. The Italy Bleand is perfect for making a strong espresso. Fine crema and a full-bodied taste conjure a smile on the lips of every coffee connoisseur.

Coffee Positano

A coffee as round as the cup in which it is served. In this classic blend of tradition, 80 percent of Highland Arabica beans and 20 percent Robusta beans from India and Central America fraternize into a 100 percent coffee. Gentle drum roasting keeps the complex notes of the fine acids intact. Prepared as espresso, the Positano develops a rich and stable crema that melts gently on the palate and plays the espresso in its fullness.

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Published : 11/30/2017 14:14:24