Compliment to be learned

Compliment to be learned

According to the Womanizer "Sawyer" from the legendary TV series "Lost," there are just three things that should tell a man his wife from time to time to avoid relationship stress. There would be "I'm sorry", "Just" and, most important: "In these pants your butt just looks fantastic." Especially the third movement (according to Sawyer) is of fundamental importance, but he expresses admiration, desire and pride of ownership from the same time.

But a modern, liberated woman of such a flimsy and inscrutable compliment can do even more impressive? The clear answer is: maybe. It comes on the one hand at the right time and on the credibility of the man to the other. This in turn is influenced by the actual state of said butt. A wrestler with a fighting weight of two quintals in skintight leggings will be less convinced of the compliment as Jennifer Lopez in a crisp jeans. J. Lo has had its ass by the way insure for a mere 27 million US dollars. She's right, you never know if one so a noble rump is not stolen just once. Hach, that reminds me directly Kim Kardashian, which the other day ... although, we let the jokes about Celebrity Butts, a suit can be really expensive.

So we dedicate ourselves to the actual topic of this article: the compliment. When like this kind of flattering conversation probably be created? "Favorite mammoth steak is you today but very well done: perhaps the Neanderthals already has said at dinner with his wife. Beautiful bloody, just like I like it. "And his lovely Neanderthal then blushes discreet, has the bone put right in her hair and let her bearskin wrap skirt riding up over the knee? We do not know, the cave paintings give any information on the subject.

What is certain is only that every compliment is a certain intention is based. At best, that untadeligsten case, we want to make only a joy our opposite actually. But caution is advised as to wear out quickly too often repeated compliments. In my experience groping Americans especially common in this trap. At the tenth "Ohh, you look soooo beautiful" are finding it increasingly difficult to believe what is said and not dismiss it as superficial conversation phrase. In contrast, a real Berlin compliment is apparently difficult lips. In the capital, the sentence "This shit you do not look today" quite a compliment. Some getting used to, because hard but, but refreshingly honest. And so great one really sees so often not made.

In connection with the way our Berlin German flagship charmer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe the latest since his poem cycle "Sesenheimer songs" occurs to me, as Master of compliment is known. About Berlin he wrote:

"It lives as I can tell by all, in Berlin as bold breed of people together, that one does not go far with the delicacy, but that you have all the answers and will have to be a little rough at times in order to stay afloat. "

I think that is a great compliment to my hometown. And it proves to me again that I live exactly the right place.

The kind of casual compliments described is no calculation basis, they will be expressed freely away from the liver and used as a social lubricant, like gossip. The situation is different with compliments, with which we want to make a difference. This can work, but does not. When employees of my bank in the statement that "But the beige costume fits great to her eyes" does not lead to the desired increase my disposable credit. On the contrary, little chubby lady stared at me as toxic as it would show me right for sexual harassment. Fortunately, I have not made any comment about her legs, which harmonize perfectly with the late Gothic pillars in the venerable bank building. We remember: compliments with ulterior motives can go mighty in the pants.

This text slowly coming to an end and I want to make each one of you who has persevered this far a compliment: You're really brave reader and have proven a great stamina. And all disappointed ones of you who have been waiting at this point to a list of the ten greatest compliments I can only say: Keep your compliments from the heart, then nothing can ever go wrong.

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Published : 04/3/2017 08:21:50