Daily beard care: In 5 steps to the well-groomed beard

Daily beard care: In 5 steps to the well-groomed beard

As with most things in life, it's also important to find the right amount of beard care: enough care to be satisfied with the look of your beard, without degenerating the whole thing into a full-time job. True to the motto " as much as necessary and as little as possible ", we explain the five basic steps of daily beard care in this tutorial.

Beard care can cost time, not nerves

With the right beard care you kill two birds with one stone: Firstly, your beard looks outrageously good and secondly you keep it healthy by the right care. If you know what really matters, your daily beard care will soon be as quick as brushing your teeth in the morning. Here are the five most important steps at a glance:

  • Beard wash with a Bartshampoo
  • Beard care with beard oil
  • Brushing the beard
  • In the form of beard with bearded pomade or beard wax
  • Loosening the beard with the beard comb

This sounds like a time-consuming program, but with a bit of practice it will not cost you more than ten minutes of your day. And let's face it: what are ten minutes of beard care ritual, if you look great for the remaining 23 hours and 50 minutes? Just. So we go through the five most important points of daily beard care in order.

The beard wash

A daily beard is recommended, but not a must. You should wash your beard at least as often as your scalp hair. Experience has shown that especially the beard around the mouth quickly becomes dirty and dried kebab sauce in the mustache does not make you more attractive. Therefore, take a shower in the morning to a high-quality Bartshampoo and wash your beard thoroughly with it. Then you dabbed your beard dry. Do not rub with force. It is enough if the beard is no longer dripping wet.

So that your beard does not protrude wildly in all directions after drying, you brush it down once when wet. You bring the beard hair roughly in the form and remove the washing and dry dabbing resulting nodules.

The beard care with beard oil

Regular washing with a Bartshampoo will keep your beard clean, but at the same time it will remove the active substances from the body wash and also the body's own sebum. So that your beard does not get shabby and dry, you have to provide him with the beard care with additional moisture and nutrients. The medium of choice here is a high quality beard oil . In the best case it consists of nutrient-rich organic oils and has a seductive scent.

Beard oil is very economical in use. You take only a few drops, rub them between the palms and massage them into the dry beard. Slowly approach the right amount: Your beard should get a nice glow and not shine like a bacon rind. A good beard oil not only cares for the beard, but also the underlying skin and is therefore an absolute must-have for every bearded man. Learn more about the positive properties of beard oil in our article Bartshampoo and beard oil .

The beard care with the beard brush

Use your beard brush regularly for beard care and not only after washing. In addition to the style factor, regular brushing supplies your beard with the body's own care ingredients. As the? The glands in your facial skin but hair-care sebum from. So that it arrives where it is needed, you distribute it with regular brushstrokes in the beard. In combination with a good beard oil you keep your beard so supple and soft. Always brush gently in the direction of growth - beard brushes are usually made of hard boar bristles and can irritate the skin if too much pressure.

Beard care with bearded pomade and beard waft

The longer your beard grows, the harder it gets to get it into shape. This is where various beard care products come into play: Beard Pomade, Beard Wax and Beard Balm. With them you can tame your beard and bring it into the desired shape. Which of these products make you your favorite in terms of beard care, is up to your taste. They are available from numerous manufacturers in different consistencies and with different fragrances. Hungarian beard wisk is relatively soft and is suitable for shaping the entire beard. Bayrische Bartwichse, however, is quite fast hard - best you use them to twirl the tips of your Mustache nice. Here is how to test different products until you have discovered the perfect beard care for you.

Beard care with the beard comb

The last point in the beard care program gives your beard the finishing touch. Especially if you've accidentally used too much beard pomade or beard oil, you can loosen up your beard with a coarse- toothed comb . For this you first comb the beard hair down the cheeks in the direction of growth. The hair of the neck and chin area you comb against the direction of growth forward. Although you look like Catweazel, but from this position with the beard comb can bring all the whiskers optimally in shape.

Your daily beard care is complete: Your beard is clean, nourished and in top form. This little care ritual is a good start to the day, a moment that belongs only to you. And of course your beard ...

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Published : 01/18/2018 10:32:41