Shaving with a razor - Part III: The Complete Shave

Shaving with a razor - Part III: The Complete Shave

The razor is drawn off on the leather belt and sharp, the beard is foamed and soaked: Now you can start. In this part of our blog series, we explain the technique of thorough complete shave. The instructions for precise shaving of the beard contours follows in the next part.

Preliminary remarks

Whether system shaver, razor, disposable razor or electric shaver - one thing in common: They have one or more blades. The difference from the Razor is only in the visibility of the blade. A razor is quasi only open blade and handle, whereas the blade at the other shaving systems more or less hidden, making it almost invisible. You should the exposed blade razor pay a healthy respect, but definitely not afraid of her. Fear of injury you can tense up inside, and this tension is transmitted to the handling of the knife while shaving. It is just the state of relaxed serenity that makes the ceremony of the knife-shave special. Do not forget: You even have the knife in his hand, thus threatening any incalculable risk!

The complete shaving

Two essential factors for a safe and close shave are the approach angle of the blade and the pressure exerted on the razor pressure. Start at the large area of ​​skin of the cheek. You put the knife at an angle of about 30 degrees in front of the ear below the cheekbone to the skin and pull it with gentle pressure downward. With your free hand, stretch the skin while lot in question: This prevents the one cuts in front and lets the other whiskers further emerge from the hair channels. It follows the direction of movement of the blade the direction of growth of hairs, so you shave with the grain.

If you are not sure in the direction of the growth of facial hair, you can easily determine before washing and foaming of the face. Pass your hand across your face. The direction of movement with the least resistance stubble (the "scraping") is in direction of hair growth. In moving against the direction of growth, so against the grain of stubble resistance is felt most. Between these two extremes, the average stubble resistance is at hand movement transverse to the direction of growth.

Run the razor as loosely as possible from the wrist. The applied with a brush shaving cream has erected and soaked the whiskers. At the same time it acts as a lubricant for the blade and reduces the contact friction. In this first round with the grain to remove about 50 percent of the existing stubble. Work carefully increase on both cheeks of the more difficult games on the upper lip, the chin and the neck. Attention Adam's apple! Especially in the area of ​​the upper lip and the chin help grimacing keep skin nice and snugly. Be creative: You may look quiet silly, after all you are with your mirror image alone. Always keep to the right angle of 30 degrees. Directly below the nose must inevitably increase this angle. Here Be particularly careful as the angle increases, the average risk grows. Between puffs you need to remove the foam and stubble residues from the razor. Here a damp sponge is recommended on the sink edge for scraping the blade: This is easier every time turning up as the tap to rinse off the knife.

The second passage transverse to the growth direction of the hairs and removes an additional 30 percent of the stubble. Lather for your face thoroughly again a. Start again before the ear, pull the (very well supplied with blood!) Earlobes while back in order to protect it, and move the turned through 90 degrees razor forward. The blade is perpendicular, quasi parallel to the nose. Grasp the free hand to hold the skin tightened, and inflation to be shaved cheek is helpful. For anatomical reasons, the guide of the knife is transverse to the line under the chin and the neck only conditionally possible.

In the third and final leg shave against the grain, that is a mirror image to the first passage generally, from bottom to top. Lather your face again thoroughly and begin sideways head tilted to the side lower neck area. Drag the razor with gentle upward pressure. I know I "gently" repeat myself with, but you can not emphasize this enough: The razor is so sharp that it requires no effort. The stubble have the blade steel nothing to oppose. Subjecting all twice shaven faces this third passage, in which the remaining 20 percent of stubble are removed.

Done! In the next two parts of our blog series, we dedicate ourselves to the shaving of the beard contours and the follow-up, the so-called after-shave. In this sense: See you soon!

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Published : 03/18/2016 14:28:20