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From Motorize to A.P.Donovan

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From Motorize to A.P.Donovan

Nice that you have found your way to . You'll wonder where the usual home of Motorize has remained. If you take a moment, I'll gladly tell you. My name is Jörg Soller. Since 2006 I am responsible as Managing Director for all matters around the Motorize GmbH. Or rather, I was responsible, because the Motorize GmbH has been adopted. No, luckily no hostile takeover by circling vultures. But before I go into detail, I would like to seize the opportunity to draw your attention to say "Thank you" .

The thank our loyal customers but a thousand, have done a thriving online trading of quality products around the topic car and motorcycle the from the startup. Without you all this would never have occurred. And without you our new project would have remained just a dream. New Project?

Hier könnte ein Zitat von Napoleon zum Verständnis helfen:

"You can bake no omelette without smashing a few eggs."

The eggs are broken in our case, the business of Motorize GmbH. The pancake is: The brand A.P. Donovan. In keeping with this vivid image, followed by a list of ingredients of our new "sponge cake". You need:

  • a sparkling business idea (masculine products "for Alphas only")
  • experienced founders (Jörg and Sergej Soller)
  • a well-rehearsed team of employees (acquired by
  • some fresh counterparts (only the best)
  • an internet platform (
  • depending a good pinch of enthusiasm and ambition (self-grown)
  • absolute quality products (handpicked)
  • fair prices (are self-evident)

As with any good recipe here is the result of more than the sum of its ingredients. As the new CEO of A.P.Donovan GmbH, I invite you to a first tasting. Our specialties Card is aimed primarily at all Alphas: men who are looking for quality products of the masculine life.

In A.P. Donovan You can find all the utensils around the topic Shave: Handmade razor and - planed , critical equipment and Care Products especially for men. Who is well maintained, will also enjoy well. A. P. Donovan offers fine Indulgence products for the well-deserved leisure time: Noble spirits of excellent quality and everything pipe and cigar smoker beat faster the heart of the passionate. Among our hand-crafted leather goods , from the Notebook Bag to Organizer , you can find both beautiful and useful aids for everyday life. And visit the Accessories You can browse for small (but nice) male gift ideas. Whether chic Cufflinks or stylish Money Clips - here is also the man's wife, "who has everything", guaranteed the right thing. Our offer is rounded off by interesting facts from the world of man and our products. And we are far from finished. Our range is constantly growing with your wishes and suggestions.

The transformation is complete: From has become Stop by and join the exclusive circle of connoisseurs! The brothers Soller and the team of A.P. Donovan look forward to you!

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