Can strengthen weak facial hair?

Can strengthen weak facial hair?

The beard as a lifestyle

Beards are currently all the rage. To realize this, one need only look at current lifestyle magazines or TV advertising: Bartträger far as the eye. About two thirds of German men shave no more daily. Most popular are polls show called hipster beards and the traditional three-day beard. A well-kept beard affects male and gives its wearer individually distinctive charisma. Also a great attraction to the female sex is said of male facial hair. All good reasons to go with the beard and it "just let time grow". But what if the own beard in this decision can not keep up? Weak or omission of facial hair can have many causes and just as many products and home remedies promise help. But what really works? Let's go the much debated topic once critically and with due objectivity.

Bart and puberty

The male facial hair usually begins in adolescence. Sometime between fourteen and eighteen years of age, the first sprouts fluff for most teens. Sometimes more, sometimes less dense. How strong this first beard is fails individually just as different as the density of the scalp hair. In dark-haired types whiskers fall naturally more obvious, whereas with blond or reddish types of fine fluff barely noticeable. Biologically considered include the whiskers to the secondary sexual characteristics and mark the transition from boy to man. For many young people, who are already struggling with a crazy gambling hormonal balance, this stage brings a fundamental uncertainty with it. Missing or sparse beard, this uncertainty intensify and erroneously perceived as unmanly. Here's only one thing: patience. Sounds certainly corrosive and precocious in the ears of affected young men, but is the truth. Many young men is puberty, viewed purely physically, Twenty finalized until early. Up to this point, then the beard usually has stabilized at its "normal" level.

Myth: Often shaving strengthens the beard

Hardly another rumor revolves around the beard is so persistent. Here these often quoted Beard wisdom has long been refuted scientifically. Truth: If longer whiskers shaved off the hairs that grow back stronger and stoppeliger to feel. The emphasis here is on "feel" because objectively speaking the new hair is not more powerful than the shave. During shaving the beard is cut off at the base, ie, at its thickest point. Logically, the remaining part are then feels at bristly. The growth of hair is controlled in the hair root and this is reflected entirely unimpressed by the external affairs shaving. Perhaps this myth was fueled by amateur: When lawn it is indeed true that frequent mowing strengthens the grass roots. By the beard not.

Panacea testosterone?

While the male puberty, the testes begin to produce the sex hormone testosterone in large quantities. Testosterone is essential for the formation of the male phenotype responsible: The genitals begin to grow, chest and shoulders are wider, the voice is deep and the hair (pubic, chest, underarm and facial hair) increases. In addition, testosterone increases the drive, sexual desire (libido) and the aggressiveness. As for the beard is directly responsible, testosterone is often touted as a panacea for weak beard growth. However, as with any drug also here: A lot will not necessarily help much. For most men, testosterone levels to their age is according to normal high. Too much of the hormone can have unpleasant side effects. Therefore necessarily a doctor should be consulted before any intake of testosterone-containing preparations. If this is a lack of the hormone found a testosterone treatment can certainly help stimulate sparse beard. In all other cases, the clear recommendation: Stay away from hormone preparations. Who wants to increase his testosterone levels without artificial hormones, takes a number of dietary supplements on the market. But even with these so-called testosterone boosters states: Use with caution and only under medical supervision.

Minoxidil against hereditary hair loss

The drug Minoxidil is contained in many preparations that help against hereditary hair loss. Many shampoos, hair lotions and tinctures promise quick help with the so-called androgenetic alopecia. Resourceful retailers thought to: hair is still the same hair, and what acts on the head, but must also work on the face. Clever idea, but: Is the effect at head hair controversial, it is entirely unconnected with whiskers. InsideWeb circulating numerous "before and after" video that will prove the alleged potential of minoxidil preparations for beard growth acceleration. A healthy skepticism saves one here certainly paid dearly disappointments.

Boost to the beard

It is undisputed: An adequate supply of the body with vitamins, minerals and trace elements is always important and contributes incidentally also a good hair and beard with. It is questionable, however, whether this special and expensive preparations need, or whether the money should not be better invested in high-quality, healthy food. Everything can be found on the ingredient list of so-called "Beard boosters", there are far cheaper and tastier in healthy food. In particular, three micronutrients contained in many facial hair preparations are regarded as particularly conducive to the healthy growth of facial hair:

  • Biotin: Known as B7 or Vitamin H Biotin is colloquially often called "hair vitamin" and is included in many hair shampoos or -pflegeprodukten. In a normal diet, a biotin deficiency is extremely unlikely. The following foods contain a lot of Biotin: dry yeast, beef liver, egg yolks, soybeans, oatmeal, brown rice, fish and walnuts.
  • L-cysteine: This α-amino acid is in many bodily processes of great importance and has to make more supple and voluminous, among other things the effect hair. Under the registration number E 920 is used as a food additive. The following foods contain a lot of L-cysteine: salmon, chicken, sunflower seeds, wheat wholegrain flour, brown rice and soybeans.
  • Silicon: This classic metalloid is colloquially referred to as silicon and is very important for humans. Per kilogram of mass of the human body contains approximately 20 milligrams of silicon. It protects against hair loss and for healthy skin and nails are important. Since it is not contained in foods, it can be supplied to the body if required by preparations such as silica.

What does this tell us anything?

The majority of advertised products for better facial hair, the effect is not scientifically well established. Therefore, one should not put into advertising promises too many expectations, but try to make the material available for the best. This means that even with weak facial hair does not need to remain clean-shaven. It is important to find the optimal Bart form and to present it to the best advantage. To the question "Which beard suits me (and my beard)?" It will be a separate blog post. In this sense: See you soon!

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