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At all times there were men whose outstanding achievements they made to stand out from the crowd. Pioneers of their time, whether in the political field, technical, humanities, artistic, sporting or social. In our new category we present a selection of these exceptional men. Some we only know through the history, others live and work today. Common to all is: are your tracks in the course of history and remain visible for posterity.

  • 11/17 - Eminem

    Published : 11/1/2017

    Eminem was born on 17 October 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri, as Marshall Bruce Mathers III. When Marshall is three months old, his father leaves his 17-year-old mother Deborah in the lurch ...

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  • 10/17 - Nelson Mandela

    Published : 10/1/2017

    After South African President Frederik de Klerk announces the release of all political prisoners on February 2, 1990, the political situation in South Africa gets out of control ...

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  • 09/17 - Paulo Coelho

    Published : 09/1/2017

    The interpretation of symbols and signs has always been an integral part of human cultural history. Whether at the oracle of Delphi, throwing runes or studying the coffee set ...

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  • 08/17 - Harrison Ford

    Published : 08/1/2017

    A star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame have many actors and entertainers. To be exact, it was exactly the last count in February 2016 ...

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  • 07/17 - Leonardo da Vinci

    Published : 07/1/2017

    Our highly-engineered and digitally digitized world is a good breeding ground for specialists of all kinds. If you are well-versed in your specialist area, you will be able to ...

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  • 06/17 - Ray Charles

    Published : 06/1/2017

    Blind Lemmon Jefferson, Blind Willie McTell, Stevie Wonder ... the list of famous blind musicians is long. They have always been regarded as extraordinarily inspired artists and at the same time [...]

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  • 05/17 - Matt Groening

    Published : 05/1/2017

    Springfield. A town in the American nowhere. With the exception of the local nuclear power plant, Springfield represents the average American way of life as convincingly as if ...

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  • 04/17- Chuck Berry

    Published : 04/1/2017

    The Beatles and the Rolling Stones are often referred to as a pioneer of a new era in music history. No doubt these two bands inspired countless other musicians of their time ...

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  • 03/17 - Karl May

    Published : 03/1/2017

    Undoubtedly Karl May belongs to a plant of around one hundred published books to the most diligent writers of all time. With a total circulation of over 200 million copies ...

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