Razor versus straight razor - a decision aid

Razor versus straight razor - a decision aid

Whether you're shaving every day, or shaving your beard out every few days, the right shaving equipment makes the difference between a chore or a pleasurable grooming experience. As an expert in shaving, A.P. Donovan gives you an overview of the specific advantages and disadvantages of razors and razors.

The safety razor - a safe all-rounder

Known was the 1900 developed by Gillette razor under the name safety razors . Safety, because the replaceable razor blade made of steel strip protrudes only a short distance from the razor head. Heavy injuries are therefore virtually impossible. Of course, you can cut yourself with a safety razor if you pull it across the skin, but let's face it: Who's going to do that? If you've shaved with a modern system shaver so far, switching to a safety razor is relatively easy. The handling is almost identical and the familiar feel of the handle gives you security.

If you shy away from the cost of having a good razor, it's a simple math problem: add up the cost of replacing your system razor every year, and compare that to the price of a razor . And? Just! After the one-time purchase, the running costs of the safety razor are limited: A package with ten spare blades is already available for a few euros. Changing the blade is done in a few simple steps and incidentally you avoid a pile of plastic waste. It goes without saying that a fancy razor with a stainless steel or wooden handle is also a real eye-catcher in your bathroom.

Basically, a safety razor is suitable for every type of shave. If you are wearing a beard, you can use a safety razor to smoothly shave parts of your face or neck. Even with the exact shaving of the beard contours you achieve very precise results. If, on the other hand, you belong to the group of beardless people, a razor ensures a thoroughly smooth shave result in the entire facial area every morning. As already said: The safety razor is a real all-rounder. But one with style.

The razor tool or weapon?

Every man who holds an open razor in his hand for the first time, feels something different. For some it is a solid precision tool with exactly the right coolness factor. For some, it feels more like a murderously sharp weapon that should be kept away from your own face and neck as much as possible. No matter what type you belong to, one thing is clear: A razor blade is hellishly sharp and should ALWAYS be handled with the necessary respect.

A razor allows the most thorough shave ever. Let's just leave that sentence that way because it's true. Point. And that applies to the complete shave as well as the shaving of the beard contours. The prerequisites for this are, of course, a high-quality razor and the necessary know-how. In earlier times, this shaving knowledge was passed down from fathers to their sons. Today, A.P. Donovan slips into the role and tells you in numerous tutorials how to shave yourself safely and thoroughly with a razor. A good introduction to the topic can be found in the article The correct attitude of the razor .

The comparatively high cost of a razor paid off just like the razor sooner or later. Even if that should be the case for years, you are clearly on the credit side from this moment on. A razor keeps well with good care for a lifetime and causes no significant follow-up costs. A tip on the side: If you buy a razor in the A.P. Donovan shop, you can save cash with our 5-year sharpness service .

Safety razor or razor - the time factor

A close shave takes time. How much exactly depends on your decision per razor or razor. If body care needs to be done as quickly as possible for you, you're probably better off with a safety razor: it's ready to go, delivers excellent shaving results, and needs little care. And if the blade is not sharp enough, you can swap it for a fresh blade in no time.

A razor is already a different caliber - you have to pull the razor blade off the leather strap before every shave. If its sharpness effect is no longer sufficient after a few hundred shaves, the razor blade on the whetstone must be sharpened. In addition, a razor needs a certain amount of care so that it will serve you as long as possible. How to properly care for your razor can be found in our razor care tutorial. To make it short: The shave with a razor is more time-consuming than a razor and nothing for hectic. But with the right inner attitude, it can also be used to create a beautiful ritual that provides a soothing counterpart to the general fast pace of life.

The pros and cons at a glance

Pro safety razor

  • ready for immediate use
  • inexpensive replacement blades
  • simple blade change
  • long life span
  • environmentally friendly (no plastic waste with removable blades)
  • very good shave results

Pro razor

  • very long life
  • environmentally friendly (no blade change required)
  • extremely stylish
  • excellent shaving results

Contra safety razor

  • higher acquisition costs (compared to system razors)

Contra razor

  • High acquisition costs
  • must be passed before every shave
  • must be maintained
  • proper technique must be learned
  • not suitable for the "fast shave"

The conclusion: Stop your gut feeling

As you can see, the encounter between razor vs. Razor a fight at eye level. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Whereby the disadvantages never express themselves in a bad Rasurergebnis. In this point, both razors and razors are far superior to the normal system or electric razors. Which decision is correct? Important: Your choice must feel good. And in the stomach, in the hand and of course in your face. Ask your friends about their experiences or get advice in a barbershop. When it comes to you and your body, you should weigh your decision well.

A tip for the undecided: If you have a razor AND a razor, you are well prepared for all situations. For a quick shave in the morning you just reach for the safety razor. At the weekend you can then devote yourself with the razor to your grooming ritual.

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Published : 01/22/2018 09:48:08