The 6 ultimate No-Gos on Valentine's Day

The 6 ultimate No-Gos on Valentine's Day

A short detour into the history

Although Valentine's Day is definitely being pushed by the flower industry on the 14th of February, this "Day of Lovers" also has a historical root. However, the origin is controversial. The Catholic Church reclaims this day for itself as the day of death of the priest Valentine from Ternia. He is due on February 14 in the year 269 AD. executed, as he performed illegal marriages of lovers. The church declared him a martyr, spoke it sacred and made bold use of the pagan customs of the Roman Empire. Centuries before, on the 14th of February, the feast of Lupercalia was celebrated there in honor of Jupiter's wife Juno. Including the custom of giving flowers.

Who is right? Christians or Gentiles? Idle, since the real danger threatens from completely different side: An old popular belief states that a woman marries the man who runs her first on Valentine's Day. Oha, it means to take care, if you go early in the morning to buy bread: To be attached by the bakery saleswoman is not for everyone.

And what now?

But let us disregard all Christian, pagan and popular interpretation attempts and devote ourselves to the status quo of the here and now: There is the Valentine's Day and in many people, especially women, he is associated with a certain expectation. Now, love is a fairly abstract affair and the unspoken request to prove it on a given day often causes problems. Of course, it is easy to bow to the ubiquitous pressure of the flower mafia and to open February 14th with a completely overpriced bouquet of flowers at his or her sweetheart. Unfortunately, this gesture brimming with creativity bears witness to little individual style. "Hach, a bunch of flowers, how sweet ...! Soooo a surprise. "

Okay, what do we learn from that? Of course, flowers as a bonus. Addition to what? To confidently circumvent the pitfalls hidden in the ritual of Valentine's Day, we first devote ourselves to the real no-gos of the whole. We look at the matter from a male perspective. So men, watch out!

1. Forget the Valentine's Day

Worst Case, Red Alert! The date should be burnt on the mental hard disk like your own birthday. If you are torn at four at night with two thousandths of residual alcohol from your well-deserved sleep, there is only one answer to the question about Valentine's Day: "Of course the 14th of February." If you have a bad date memory, the day should be red in the agenda circling or saving a reminder alarm in your smartphone. Best both. Fortunately, the retail industry is making a painstaking reminder by donning large-scale Valentine's Day advertising campaigns shortly after New Year's Eve. Therefore at this point a big "thank you" to the marketing departments of Karstadt & Co.

2. Organize a men's evening

Who thinks, with a suitable gift (more on that later) and a bouquet of flowers Valentine's Day is enough, is wound wrong. It is a very, really very stupid idea to arrange for the evening with the guys on a neat game of billiards. The day belongs to the lovers, up to the stop, speak to the lights. Where the married togetherness ultimately leads, and how much romance a man endures, everyone has to decide for themselves. What applies to the men's evening, by the way, also applies to Facebook, sports show or a small digestive nap: Nada, niente, nüscht. The lady of the heart is the only thing that counts on this day.

3. Endure Valentine's Day silently

According to the motto "Clenching and clenching your teeth", you may be able to survive a marathon, but certainly not Valentine's Day. So: relax, chat, be charming and funny. Do not pack the old camels from your last camping trip with the boys. No woman wants to know how many boxes of beer you have to drink in order to pinch a campfire successfully. Also prohibited are conversations about money, football, cars, the ex or the stupid boss. But, there are other topics, believe me. You just have to find her.

4. Drink too much

Nothing against a nice glass of wine for dinner or later on the bearskin in front of the fireplace. No problem, on the contrary. The difficulties begin with the per thousand value, from which it becomes really funny at your men's evenings. A "Ischlibbeischübeallesch" sounds funny, but will not make a woman laugh that day. At least not your own. Unless she is even drunker and then anyway it does not matter.

5. Ask wrong questions

"When is there something to eat?" Is pretty much the stupidest entry into a successful evening for two. Actually, this question prohibits itself in an emancipated and equal partnership anyway, but on Valentine's Day it is pure nitroglycerin. One more wrong move and everything is flying around your ears. So, and this advice goes to all the remaining macho men: treat your wife with the same respect that you demand for yourself. You do not have to mutate right away to the softened softie, but switching down a gear does everyone good.

6. The wrong gifts

Cosmetic products in general are okay, but keep away from anti-aging or cellulite creams. Orange peel and wrinkles are pretty much the last thing a woman wants to be reminded of. Even if she does not have both - she could get it. If you really decide to buy a lipstick, nail polish or eyeliner as a gift, first browse through your supply in the mirror cabinet and write down the brands and color numbers of the damned things. Better you let it go, it's a science with too many unpredictable variables. An absolute ban on drinks applies to vacuum cleaners, blenders, frying pans and other household appliances. Since you can give away a stack of moving boxes, then she can start packing right away.

Wait a minute, I get a message here ... Ah yes, I'll give it to our specialist AP Donovan, he takes over from here:

Original sound, Donovan AP: "I've only heard the keyword gifts ... Did you know that there are the new felt phone cases now in a stunning love red? Or that leather bags and notebooks with leather cover not only good for men? No? As AP Donovan I have a distinctly male style, but never forget the wishes of a woman. So before you go disoriented into the jungle of Valentine's gifts, look here for something beautiful. "

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