Q as quality awareness

Q as quality awareness

Standardized quality?

According to the standard DIN EN ISO 9000: 2015-11 (the applicable standard for Quality Management) defines the term "quality" as follows: "degree to which meets a set of inherent characteristics of an object requirements". Thus, quality is an indicator of the extent to which a product (good or service) meets the requirements placed on it.

That sounds bone dry and extremely German in my ears. My personal yardstick of quality is based on other things. Take for instance my old Bosch refrigerator. A monster machine. Clunky and chunky it dominates my kitchen and buzzing soothingly. this dinosaur was built at a time when the word "energy efficiency" was not even invented. As long as the engine of the refrigeration unit is running, the wheel always puts down an impressive burst of speed on my electricity meter. Sounds not for quality, you think? Then you should listen to me the incredibly rich sound with which the refrigerator door slams shut. Each Benz driver would envy. THE sounds to me like the true quality of a utility item that is likely to hum when I've kicked the bucket.

Quality is subjective!

What do we conclude from this? Very clear: quality is an absolutely subjective sensation. And, to quote the Berlin ex-mayor, "... that's a good thing." Of course there are also things for which the opinion on their quality is unanimous. More specifically, their nonexistent quality. It strikes me as spontaneously a whole lot of really bad things. The customer service in the German public offices, television shows with Florian Silbereisen, the taste of warmed coffee, music on hold on the phone and so on.

The quality flag waving in the wind

Then again, there are things for which the general opinion is changing constantly about their quality. The football national coach Jogi Löw is one such example. Before the World Cup 2014, all bitching what he does for a shitty job. Wrong player selection, improper installation, wrong tactics, everything underground. When the German national team then celebrated at the Brandenburg Gate, together with hundreds of thousands of fans to their World Cup victory, which all sounded at once very different. the judgment of the Germans about the quality of the coach overnight had turned 180 degrees. Suddenly Loew THE man of the hour. Strange. Recently, by the way Jogi lives as a single in Berlin and bears the shadow of nightlife under the eyes. A good sign for the excellent quality of the Berlin clubs Schöneberg.

Dispute Quality

About quality is also often fought at the highest level. The latest example is the assault rifle G36, which is part of the standard equipment of the German Bundeswehr. kindled the controversy over the quality of the weapon, certified as investigations the G36 poor accuracy in the heat. Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen known, even as a tank-Uschi, was indignant, and sued the manufacturer Heckler & Koch for damages. Unsuccessful. However, all 167,000 G36 are now probably replaced. In the long run but no matter since the wars of the future will always take place in cyberspace.

Quality is relatively

If you asked Germany's most popular TV chef Steffen Henssler by the quality of his chef's knife, you'd have to allow a little time for the answer. There's the talk of Japanese carbon steel, hand-forged Damascus blades, various precious woods for knife handles, special knives for the preparation of sushi ... you already notice here just opens a bottomless pit.

it would, however, a North American trapper who is being attacked by a grizzly bear, raise the question of the quality of his knife, the answer already saw quite different. The only quality feature that should be interesting at this moment the Trapper, is the SIZE of his knife. The longer the blade, the better. Incidentally, even the bear does not care about the quality of the knife. For him, it's all about how well the Trapper can handle it.

would it really interesting when would cook in Steffen Henssler's TV Küchenschlacht trapper against the bear. That there is to taste grilled meats to the conclusion is clear. But whose leg was lying there on the rack? In any case, the times would be a real quality show on German trash TV.

Quality guaranteed

I have exactly two objects with a lifetime warranty: a Zippo lighter and a pepper mill by Peugeot. Unfortunately, I have not gotten to check this guarantees you: these things just do not go broke. Several times I was in recharger temptation to fill the Zippo kerosene and pepper mill with pebbles, easy to make by the warranty time use. But probably the two would also unscathed. Is just quality, right?

My personal quality

As an author, I naturally put increased emphasis on the quality of texts, especially in those which spring from my pen. There is a simple way to judge the quality of a text: Who just THE READING HERE, confirmed the excellent quality of this post. Otherwise, he would not have come so far as a reader ...

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