R like riskiness

R like riskiness

No risk, no fun ...

After all records have been processed in "faster, higher, further", the trend is now heading towards "more daring, riskier, completely crazy". In the web, it is teeming with videos that either let your hair stand up or trigger an acute breakthrough. When I see a young Russian dangling from an abyss on an arm and pushing a self with the free hand, I feel sick, real. Most of these videos have to do with dizzying heights or incredible speeds. At best, both at the same time. Or should I say: in the worst case? And all of course, completely unsecured. If you cross a canyon at a height of 300 meters on a slackline using a safety line, you are already ridiculous. So this is definitely not with the viral clip. Because that is what it is all about: range in the net. The simple formula for this is: The more risky, the more clicks, followers, likes, whatever.

The discovery of danger

In the Stone Age there were no sports clubs. All life was a race, climbing, jumping and throwing. Who had a marathon after an extended mammoth hunt? Of course there were already competitions at that time, but they were usually carried out with club and spear and called themselves tribal feuds. And it was probably not particularly sporty, but rather bloody to deadly. In the first place, life was about avoiding risks, not consciously entering them.

That changed only when man was so civilized that he began to get bored. In the evening, the men sat by the fireplace in the safe stone house instead of squatting around the cave in the cave. They recounted the adventures of their ancestors, reveling in the good old times. Men were still real men. Successful hunters or glorious warriors, not peasants, craftsmen and traders, as they themselves.

One of them must then have come up with the idea of ​​bringing some action back into their peaceful life. Perhaps he said, "Listen to guys, the Met is all, the television is not yet invented and the women are at the ice-time closing sale. Do not we want to climb the devil's fence? "" Why? "His mates might have asked. "What are we up there? In addition, it is dangerous to shit. "There it was, the keyword: DANGER. It hovered in the room, spreading an inkling of adrenaline, masculinity and heroism. Three days later there was a summit cross on the Teufelszinne and the first dead climber lay in a glacier gap. So, or something like that, the birthdays of extreme sports could have looked out.

Development of an unhealthy trend

After the first ascent of the Teufelszinne, the whole thing quickly became a self-runner. When the highest mountains were conquered, the most striking bodies of water were to pass through, the most inhospitable deserts were crossed, and the impenetrable virgin forests were explored. As soon as someone had risked his life with something dangerous, another came and risked his life much more spectacular. Welcome to the devil's paradise of extreme sportsmen, survival freaks and other life tired. Who today wants to elicit human beings more than a compassionate smile, must go already on the whole. Parachute jumps from the stratosphere are topped by parachute jumps without a parachute. Circumstances around the world are only perceived as a matter of principle if they are done with one hand. And if you want to mount Mount Everest with oxygen, you can also stay on the sofa at home.

This trend is being fueled by companies such as Red Bull, who are eager to take up any new extreme sport and make it a billion-dollar media spectacle. YouTube and Facebook provide powerful protection. All in all, a fabulous win-win situation: the players are sponsored, entertain the fans and sell a lot of products. The fact that occasionally a Wingsuit jumper in front of a mountain wall bangs, belongs to the personal risk.

An explanation attempt

All the world seems to be on the hunt for the quarter-hour of fame Andy Warhol once spoke of. This general urge to take risks is hardly different. Who as an extreme sportsman in interviews is still fond of border experiences and Adrenalinkick has never been in Berlin with the U1 through Kreuzberg. Life is a bungee jump anyway, you never know if the rope is well secured. Why, then and with full intent, take risks in addition? I'm different. If I need a quick kick, I look at the new season of Homeland or go on Saturdays just before shop closing at net shopping. Of course without a safety line, a bit of nerve kinkel must be already ...

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Published : 07/10/2017 13:55:23