S as victor

S as victor

The winner takes it all ...

"Ätschibätschi, First!" Already in the tender childhood, man (and especially the man) seems driven by the urge to always be the first. Probably this is connected with the evolutionary competition, which promises the survival of the stronger. And what is stronger than always being the first? Whether in the queue of the canteen, at the entrance to the bus or at the rifling squeaking Ralleystart at the traffic light: Who loses the rear - does not get his wish, finds no seat or stands at the next traffic light back in the back.

If my sister was broke after a three-day Monopoly Marathon, the rags flew, in the truest sense of the word. I did not care if I lost, was eh 'only game money. My sister, however, was concerned about the principle and the word "losing" was not part of her vocabulary. This winning mentality she still has today as a grown woman still. There seems to be something like a winning gene. What is not always helpful when it comes to the lurking lurking on every path of life. Putting away a knockdown requires takers' qualities and they do not develop when victory is the only acceptable option.

Survival of the fittest

Unlike Darwinian theories, the basic principle of Darwinian theory has not changed. Those who lose in the survival battle are sorted out in the long run and have to leave the field to the victor. Where in the Stone Age it was the chief position in the tribal clan, today is struggling for the top managers in the economy. The club has been served. In their place are intrigues, corrupt maneuvers and pointed elbows.

Until recently, this battlefield was almost exclusively reserved for men. However, at the latest since the introduction of the women's rate for top positions, it is clear that the female gender can also properly distribute. While in the past there were mostly only winners, there are now more and more winners. This example from the world of business and management can be transferred to just about every area of ​​life. Those who do not belong to the winners can often only hope that the social network is really as stable as our politicians maintain.

The loser standing small ...

There is nothing more corrosive in the sport than in the fourth place. The victory trophy offers only place for gold, silver and bronze. If you land on the ungrateful fourth place, you do not even get a victory certificate or any other consolation plaster. While the first three are spraying with bubbly, the fourth one needs a double sounder. No matter what, main thing strong, the grief wants to be properly drowned. True size does not appear until a good loser. If the new German tennis boy boy Alexander Zverev smashes his bat after a lost match, you can understand that, but still a taste of "bad loser". Just like Louis Hamilton, who likes to touch his opponents before him "by accident". Suddenly, a bad loser becomes a dangerous loser. This is reminiscent of the well-known saying: "Nothing is more dangerous than a battered boxer." Anyone who already hangs on the ropes has nothing left to lose. With a bared earlobes one gets there still comparatively lightly.

Loser, loser, victim

The term "loser" used in my childhood for the last, weakest, or dumbest was still relatively neutral. In the middle of the eighties he was replaced by the "loser", which means exactly the same thing, but sounds somewhat harder. After the turn of the millennium, the "youth" suddenly swarmed with "victims", usually in connection with a "spast" or a "bitch". We see: losing has become harder. This fits perfectly with the now common mobbing mentality, which makes the weaker ones actually victims in the purest word. Again and again, even if the other is already lying on the ground and whines. Since I was the loser of my childhood dear, there were still clear rules: Who loses the ground loses, who stands remains wins. And then there was also the end, which means that the loser remained a dignity instead of a traumatic brain trauma. He could stand up, tap the dust, and hope for the next time.

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Published : 07/13/2017 13:16:04