T like technique

T like technique

Pull the nipple through the tab

The man is a technology-driven being. So he usually sees himself, at least, even if he has two left hands in reality. Instructions for use and operating instructions are for women or beginners. A real guy also knows where the shank screw with hexagon socket has to be turned into the new IKEA shelf. Stupid only if there is no hole at all. Oh, what the hell, the accomplished home-builder reaches for his Black & Decker and quickly drills himself. If the developers at IKEA are too stupid, he has to do it just. The same is true when installing the TV wall bracket, connecting the new LED light or installing click laminate. First time, will fit. Then wonder if it somehow does not work. Then swear heartily. Then, and really only then: Read how it is done right.

Who has the biggest…

... toolbox? Show me your toolbox and I'll tell you who you are. What accumulates in the course of an average male life on tools would fill a medium-sized home improvement market. Throwing away is out of the question, anything could be useful. This also applies to any special screw or washer, however tiny. You never know. Since time immemorial, the cellar, the workshop and the garage have been used as a pool of male equipment. Women dream of a walk-in wardrobe and a well-filled jewelry box. Men, however, from a hobby cellar with a planer and a rollable toolbox. Well, he who owns a large house - nothing is more lethal to a harmonious relationship than a two-room apartment, which is used by the man as a car workshop. Speaking of car:

Progress becomes a step backwards

Oh yes, these were still times, in which one could make even more on the own car than to refuel gasoline or suck the interior. Previously, after a busy day in the garage, the hands were oil-smeared and the breast swelled proudly. Nowadays, the engine compartment of a normal car is more like a computer: modules and electronic components as far as the eye can see. For this reason, automotive mechanics are now also using mechatronics - measuring instruments instead of honest screwdriver work. What some people call advancement is a step backwards for every enthusiastic hobby mechanic. Without a workshop there is nothing. When a VW Beetle of the V-belts was torn, you could make a substitute for her friend's nylon pantyhose. These were two birds with one stone: The beetle ran round again and the girlfriend had a piece of clothing less on the body. If today something breaks, then it is at most the patience while waiting for the Pannendienst.

The problem with gravity

Coming from the rather coarse car and home improvement techniques to the filigree world of modern electronic high-tech devices. Every average man has electric technology worth 3,100 euros. And, of course, he is convinced that no one can serve her as well as he does himself. Especially not his technically completely untalented woman. A study by the Japanese camera manufacturer Nikon shows that this self-assessment is above all one: A grandiose self-assessment. Men are the statistical technique death in person. A quote from the study reads: "Technical devices are exposed to the permanent danger of being dropped, immersed in liquids, or otherwise being battered - especially when they belong to men." The simple dropping of smartphones, tablets and co Most common causes of device harm. Maybe men have to convince themselves more often that the gravitation is still working. "Gravity? Here? I do not think so. Oops, shit ... " A small consolation: women let their equipment twice as often fall into the toilet as men. In the toilet ...? There are images that do not get rid of so quickly. But where we are just so beautiful at digression, we can also quickly devote ourselves to an exciting sub-theme of technology, namely the:

Love techniques

Surveys among women have shown that many men are also in the love life of the opinion "Well screwed is half won." At the same time, the polls say: That is a mistake. And indeed a mighty one. Also in the case of making love, the old tradesmanship "Nach fest kommt ab" applies. What "ab" means in the context is left to the imagination of the individual, but should be avoided in any case as far as possible. Better adjust the torque wrench slightly and leave the percussion drill in the basement. But here, as usual, the exception confirms the rule. Women, who themselves belong to the more nuanced artisan types, usually check the resilience of all connections very thoroughly. Here is a good craftsman should not complain about his bad tool, but learn to deal with it. In this sense, happy work.

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Published : 07/21/2017 09:46:14