U like holidays

U like holidays

The invaders

The man is not a tourist. This is more than understandable, if you take a closer look at the typical behavior of tourists. They fall like insects over the most beautiful places on earth, transforming every idyllic beach into a garbage dump and historic sites in party miles. They stand out in Pulks on the citizens' pavements, broad city plans, and block the others from all others. They want to experience foreign cultures, but everything should be as comfortable, clean and tidy as at home. To get it to the point: Touris nerven. The locals anyway. But also tourists are annoyed by other tourists. They often forget that they are not better. It is not surprising that the term "package tourist" is now regarded as an abuse in some holiday regions.

Are not we all a bit mallets?

Our 17th state is known as Mallorca. The sun-drenched Mediterranean island is the favorite destination of the Germans. Around 4 million visitors from the FRG are received here more or less cordially. Many of the locals are now annoyed by the German bussines and make their anger with graffiti like "Touris go home" air. Whom is it? Nobody would like to join in the vomit in the vomit and vomit or have to pass over schnapps. At Ballermann, the German man works hand in hand with drinkable British on the bad reputation of the tourists on Mallorca. Then a sangria from the bucket. Cheers.

family holiday

From a certain age, most men are family-bound and shape their holidays accordingly. With a wife and two young children you are usually not going to the beer tasting in Belgium or going to the wild boar in Latvia. It is more like a beach basket at the Baltic Sea safe, children with sunscreen smear and float flippers. The whole family program stop. Holidays in Germany are growing in popularity anyway, why not? Subtropical temperatures are also due to climate change here and a schnitzel is still best in German. In addition, the number of countries to which a travel warning applies is growing continuously year by year. Between Black Forest and Norderney everyone will find his place for two weeks family idyll.

The young wild

Between the last vacation with the parents and the first with their own children, each man has a short breather in which it is said: I am on vacation what I want. This is to be used, if one does not want to mourn the rest of his life to the never seen places and not experienced adventures. Unless one is part of the group of environmental concerns, nowadays every place in this world is easily accessible. An overseas flight is already available for the price of a train journey from Hamburg to Munich. Then I'd rather go to Bangkok than to the Bavarian capital. Or better a Himalayan trek in the footsteps of Hans Harrer? Once snorkeling off Australia's coast through the Great Barrier Reef does not sound bad either. Ultimately, the content of the travel agency always determines the location and duration of a holiday. Where you can for the cost of a pub night in Berlin loose a week on a Thai island survive. Man has to put priorities and money is overrated anyway. Sea and sun are almost everywhere for free. So do not hesitate, pack your backpack and go. Young man is only once.

Digital nomads

Let us come to a species which, so to speak, hatched fresh from the digital egg: the digital nomads. The fact that the World Wide Web has changed everything from A to work like Z, such as future visions, everyone knows. This also applies to the R as travel. Thanks to a comprehensive Internet, every online business can be operated from almost any point on this earth. If I were young and unbound, I would not write this text in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, but in the Bamboo beach bar at Thansadet Beach. The aviation has made the world small, the Internet completely spoils all distances. Countless bloggers finance their lives by traveling by sharing the rest of the world online. According to the old proverb, "If a man does a trip, he can tell something." To find a job on the road that saved the survival and the journey was luck. Today you pack your notebook and just take the job with you. And if you feel like it, you just fly two weeks to the old homeland, to make vacation of travel and to relax.

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Published : 08/8/2017 11:34:08