V like traffic

V like traffic

Man: sniffing the earth's history

If the entire earth age is reduced by about 4.5 billion years to the period of a 24-hour day, the human being does not appear until about four seconds before midnight. So at 23:59:56 clock. Thus, our entire existence is no more than a quick stroke of the time. A marginal note, but one that has it in itself. For this brief moment we have achieved a great deal, in the positive, but above all in the negative sense. Evil tongues claim we are a virus that has attacked the earth to destroy it as quickly and effectively as possible. And as if a virus was not bad enough, the invention of the wheel was foolishly added.

The end of silence

As some resourceful head some 5,500 years ago a stone disk with a hole in the middle mounted on a wooden axle, no one suspected where this should lead. Prior to the invention of the wheel, the radius of action of a Stone Age man was usually small. He went out from his cave to the hunt and then dragged the booty home. He only spent long distances on resettling, so when the surrounding area was empty, a new ice age broke out, or his Stone Age woman finally wanted a cave with a view of the lake. Then all belongings were strapped to their backs and off we went. The wheel changed everything. It was the most important prerequisite for our technical development and, at the same time, the basis for the phenomenon we now call "traffic". From the scooter to the Boeing 747: Without wheels runs nothing.

Traffic in the dead end

According to Wikipedia, traffic is the movement of persons, goods or news in a defined system. " Aha, okay. Let us limit ourselves to the persons and goods and leave the news outside. Prior to the invention of the wheel transported persons transported goods from A to B. First on the back, then later on an advanced "rod loop". Nowadays both people and goods are transported by means of wheels. On the road, by rail or by air. The only means of transport that do not have bikes are ships and rockets. Both are rather impractical, if you only quickly make the weekend shopping at Aldi. A car makes itself much better. This also seems to be the approximately 1.2 billion auto cars worldwide. What would be one of the basic problems of the car: there are just too many of them. They clog the cities, pollute the air, and roughly estimated 1.25 million people a year.

Even the car is

But man, clever as he is, is already tinkering with the traffic concepts of the future. Cleaner, safer and faster is the motto. The last scream are self-propelled cars. And this is not the cars that are already driving on our streets, where you can occasionally let go of the steering wheel. No, it's all about cars without a steering wheel. As with all visionary future technologies, the "we-save-the-world" -company Google has its fingers in the game. Personally, I've never liked to ride the roller coaster, for the simple reason that I can not steer the thing myself. If the makers of Google believe I sit in a car without a steering wheel, lean back relaxed and surf on my Macbook, while my car bumps over the A1, then they are crooked. Am I about Oldschool? Yes, and in this respect even quite decided. When I drive a car, I want to steer, basta. And still a good advice to Google: If you want to develop something really meaningful - how about self-cleaning apartments? No one needs self-driving cars.

A plea for public transport?

No text about traffic without mention of public transport. By the way, this is not an abbreviation for "local police force traffic", but in typical authorities the "public passenger traffic". So the means of transportation, which either come too late, or just be punished again. If they drive, they are usually full, but at least expensive. Nevertheless, I am a big fan of the Berlin subway. Nowhere else can interesting sociological studies be carried out on the living object. Hundreds of people are crowded in a confined space, from the pesky sociopath to the Wilmersdorfer widow with mops. The fact that everything can happen in such a subway car is obvious. A ride from the Wittenbergplatz to the Schlesisches Tor takes just 20 minutes, but offers the entertainment potential of a small world trip. Absolutely recommendable.

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Published : 08/15/2017 06:19:22