X as Xanthippe

X as Xanthippe

Like the ancient Greeks

Socrates was not only a very clever man, he was also a very patient contemporary. Whether the Greek philosopher, however, was born with the virtue of patience, we do not know. It would also be possible for him to learn it by living together with his disparate wife, Xanthippe. Learning needed to be exact. That would be at least an explanation for the fact that, despite Xanthippes constant nagging and bickering, he did not burst the collar. Even when she threw a bowl of soup to the ground, he found diplomatic words: "What a pity, now you do not have any more of it." And when she poured out a bucket of rinsing water on the bare head from the window, he only noticed Laconic: "You see, when my wife thunders, she also gives rain." Evil tongues claim that the hemlock was quite right for him, only to have peace at last to his quarrelsome wife.

Xanthippe today

Let us make a quick journey through space and time and rush from ancient Greece directly into our here and now. The name Socrates is still a term, his writings are an integral part of the study subject philosophy. But also Xanthippe has survived the temporal gap of nearly 2,500 years. Her name has now become a synonym for the quarrelsome woman, as is the pace for paper handkerchiefs and tesafilm for adhesive strips. Who, like Socrates once, has the misfortune to be associated with a Xanthippe, should dress warmly. Or take off. So do not undress, but from the common apartment, if there is. Perhaps, in the run-up to the past, reason has prevailed, and a common apartment has never been discussed.

Dispute culture

Basically, for any dispute with a woman, never argue with a woman who is irritated, depressed, emotional, moody, nervous, sensitive, unhappy, tired or hungry. Or breathe. A dispute among men follows certain rules which are normally known to all parties. There is cursed, insulted, pushed and in times of emergency also times strung or beaten. In the dispute with a woman, no rules apply, or if so, then her. And they are not told the man, of course. Woman is not stupid and gives an advantage out of hand. Particularly endangered in the dispute are men who want to make their women always right. On the one hand, it does not work, on the other hand, women usually do not want it. Do not misunderstand: Women appreciate it very much when the man reads their desires from their eyes. Whoever, however, commits the mistake of being duck-like, quickly becomes a practical slave from the beloved man.

The Socrates in you

Without wanting to bury all women, there are certain basic patterns that are struggling through the typical female behavior. As always, the exception here also confirms the rule. If your wife says "please?" During a dispute, it does not mean she did not understand you. It simply gives you the chance to withdraw your statement. If this is possible, without losing a jaw from the crown or making itself ridiculous: seize the chance. Who knows if your wife gives you a second. Sometimes we should be men a bit more Socrates. His serenity in the battle with Xanthippe has probably prevented frequent murder and manslaughter. If, in the very heart of your heart, you know that you are wrong in an argument, and only strive to lose your face, do not forget, and excuse yourself. A momentary loss of face is easier to bear than a woman who has been pouting for days. Just believe me, I'm talking about experience.

Escape to the front

However, if you are one hundred percent right, the shreds are allowed to fly calmly without you pulling back. Every man wants to be able to look into his eyes while shaving. If a dispute is completely out of control, because both sides are right or wrong, the last male option helps: shoes on, jacket on, wallet and cell phone do not forget and get out of the apartment. A turn around the block helps both sides get a little bit down. However, at such a moment it would be a terrific mistake to return to the next pub, and not to get home until dawn. Just believe me. Yes, the experiences ...

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Published : 08/21/2017 13:59:32