Shaving with a razor - Part II: Preparation of shaving

Shaving with a razor - Part II: Preparation of shaving

Once we have looked at in the first part of this blog series with the safe handling of the razor, is devoted to this second part of the shaving preparation. Two things need to be prepared before you can start with the hair: The razor and your beard. Here we go.

Prepare the razor

For the razor applies: The sharper the blade, the more thorough and skin-friendly shaving. Sounds simple, but is elementary. Each contact of the razor with the hard stubble of extremely fine Klingengrat is bent in the micrometer range. Now enter into force the 24-hour rest rule: After every shave the knife, a whole day break should be granted. During this time, the Klingengrat directed partly by itself again. The subsequent removal of the razor on the leather strap before the next shave the remaining damaged areas are raised again and the blade is returned to its original sharpness. A detailed and illustrated instructions for proper use of the leather can be found in our blog post deduct razor - Instructions . At some point, usually after several hundred shaves peeling razor alone is no longer sufficient and the blade must be sharpened. If you have your razor purchased directly from AP Donovan, you can in this case of our 5-year-sharpness-service benefit. Practiced Razor users unplug their diameter, while the already foamed beard soaking. We recommend newcomers modify this order, first withdraw the knife so as not to fall into time pressure during the procedure.

Prepare the Bart

The barbers of antiquity used animal fats or oils, to facilitate shaving. Today, the drug of choice for the blade shaving shaving cream or shaving. For complete shave thorough lathering of the entire beard with even whipped foam is the most effective option. Do you want to contrast shave only the contours of your beard, shaving offers the advantage of being transparent - you retain the full "Perspective" and see exactly where you need to start the razor. In both cases, you should wash the face, respectively the beard thoroughly before shaving. The AP-Donovan Shaving is pitched with the shaving brush directly in the can and then applied in a circular motion of the brush on the face. The whiskers are already slightly raised. Shaving is sparingly applied with your fingers along the contours of your beard and gently massaged. Let the products act at least two minutes. With a hot damp towel that you wrap around your head, you can enhance the effect of shaving cream yet. However, you must then re-apply foam. Both foam and oil let the whiskers swell and soften. Perfect: Now you beard is prepared for a great shave. In the next part of our blog series it will be exciting. We explain how to securely and thoroughly shave with a razor. In this sense: See you soon!

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Published : 03/16/2016 13:54:59