Shaving with a razor - Part IV: Shaving the beard contours

Shaving with a razor - Part IV: Shaving the beard contours

After the last part of our blog series has primarily directed at all smooth shaven, we dedicate ourselves today to the correct contouring of a beard. Whether it is the mere correcting the present anyway beard line, or to the creation of filigree pattern: In any case, a good razor is the tool of choice. It makes absolutely precise cuts, exactly where you want it. With a system shaver to find the right starting point is much more difficult because of the blade housing (the blade guard) a clear view is difficult on the job in question.

The correct pre-shave

As described in part two of this series, a thorough preparation of beard and face is elementary. We restrict ourselves now to the actual shaving the contours. How to trim a beard, a three-day beard, whiskers or any other Beard Shape with scissors and clippers properly, content of an own contribution will be. So: Wash your beard thoroughly with a good beard shampoo. best for the face, use a PH-neutral mild cleanser. Your facial skin will thank you when you use from time to time prior to shaving a special men's exfoliating product. It removes dead skin particularly effective and cleans clogged pores deeply.

Now the crucial difference comes to complete shaving, for which you would need to set up a creamy shaving cream after the beard laundering. Let shaving brush and shaving in the mirror cabinet and access to the vial shaving. Not to be confused with Bart oil, which is used for beard trimming. How, you have never heard of shaving? Now, this gap can be closed quickly: Shaving is soaking and erection of the hairs and is specifically tailored to the needs shaving. It forms a fine lubricating film on which the razor blade glides smoothly over the skin. In conjunction with the nourishing ingredients, it prevents as skin irritation and razor bumps and gives a soft, velvety feel to the skin. And, most important: Shaving is transparent and allows an unobstructed view of the contours of your beard. So in contrast to shaving with foam to keep a clear view.

A brief history

Long before the use of shaving soap and shaving cream animal and vegetable oils are used to make shaving more enjoyable and effective. With the advent of shaving cream, this traditional means is unfortunately almost completely forgotten. Wrongly, because it offers significant advantages, particularly in the shaving of the beard contours. In the course of the current Bart hype Bart oil is experiencing a deserved comeback and reengaged in the focus of modern beard trimming.

The use of shaving

Shaving has to be used very sparingly. Massage with your fingers a few drops in your beard contours and the surrounding skin. Here are the whiskers, like through a shaving brush, erect and take some distance from the hair canal forth. Give the oil a reaction time of one to two minutes before you start shaving. Just as with the complete lather shaves the effect of Rasieröls be enhanced by a hot towel. Treat yourself to this moment - it bears completely on the side to your well-being during shaving. To ensure that your pre-shave is finished and you can go to (abgelederten!) Grab razor.

Shave contours

This part may have to be written individually for each basically beard - you know best where the contour lines of your beard should run. Therefore, we restrict ourselves at this point to the basic rules that apply to any use of the razor:

  • Put the razor at an angle of 30 degrees to the skin and pull it in the first round always in direction of hair growth.
  • Drag its area of ​​skin with your free hand tightly or cut grimaces, to smooth the skin.
  • Remove between each Rasierzügen stubble and oil residues from the blade. This is best done with a prepared lying damp sponge.
  • Shave in the second run transversely to the direction of growth of the hair and in the third round against the direction of hair growth.

Done! In the next part of our blog series we have focused on follow-up, the so-called after-shave. In this sense: See you soon!

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Published : 03/22/2016 07:40:18