What is shaving oil and what advantages does it have?

What is shaving oil and what advantages does it have?

We always receive requests from interested customers about what shaving oil is and what it is used for. In this short article you will find interesting facts about the origin, mode of operation and application of shaving oil. You'll also learn the benefits of shaving oil over shaving cream, shaving soap, shaving cream and shaving gel.

Why use shaving oil?

In the cultural history of shaving, there are numerous indications of the use of oil. In search of suitable means to make shaving more comfortable, our Stone Age ancestors already made use of Mother Nature's treasure chest. Vegetable and animal oils caused the shell shells or simple flint blades used for shaving to glide well over the skin. This principle has not changed until today.

But just as the classic razor was replaced by razors and electric shavers, shaving oil has been overtaken by modern inventions. This development is a great pity, because oils offer a decisive advantage for sensitive skin: the natural ingredients protect and care for the facial skin already during shaving. If you suffer more often from razor burns or your skin gets pimples after shaving, you should definitely give the well-tried shaving oil a chance. It is free of chemical additives and can therefore be safely used by allergy sufferers for shaving.

How is shaving oil used?

The application is simple: After you have thoroughly washed facial skin and beard, massaging the shaving oil with your hands in the area to be shaved. The oil is extremely economical in use and you only need a few drops that you rub before applying between hands. After a short exposure time of about 30 seconds, you can start shaving directly.

The benefits of shaving oil

The oil forms a natural lubricating film between your skin and the razor blade or the razor. Thus, the shave runs in the truest sense of the word "as lubricated". The nutrients contained in the oil give your skin what it needs and at the same time care for the whiskers, if you only want to shave the contours. Just like beard oil shaving oil tames the wildest beard and is an effective protection against your own personal supergiving called "Bad-Beard-Day".

A key advantage of shaving oil is its transparency. Unlike shaving cream or shaving soap, you always have the full view when shaving and can shave exact contours. And last but not least: Depending on the variety used, shaving oil has a subtle to beguiling scent that accompanies you after shaving through the day (or night).

The advantages at a glance

Shaving ...

  • ... forms a sliding film
  • ... supplies the skin with nutrients
  • ... cares for the beard
  • ... provides the full view when shaving
  • ... smells pleasant

The high-quality shaving oil by AP Donovan consists of natural bio-oils and combines all advantages in a handy and decorative glass bottle.

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Published : 12/4/2017 12:45:46