Which shave type are you?

Which shave type are you?

What was the name of advertising in the past? The man needs three things: fire, whistle ... We do not need to mention the rest, the slogan should be well known. We wondered what a man needs these days, and missed that old advertising wisdom with a timely update. The days when male grooming was limited to washing at horse-drinking are finally over. The Wild West is cultured and the modern cowboys guard stock funds instead of cows. But at the same time a return to traditional values ​​takes place: Noble chronograph instead of the quartz watch and leather instead of nylon.

The same goes for the shave. Until recently, the trend to save time was observed here: More and more blades in the interchangeable heads of the system razors promised an ever faster shave - Mach 2 became Mach 3 and 4 and so on. By the way: Did you know that "Mach" is the unit of measurement of the speed of sound? Fortunately, this speed madness is now thwarted by the counter-trend of deceleration. It is good to bring a little more Zen into your life and to consciously experience things. For shaving that means: fast shaving was yesterday, now deliberate grooming is the measure of things. Care of the body and mind as an inseparable symbiosis. Sounds good, do you think? Then we have the right equipment for your personal speed change.

As already mentioned: The man needs three things ... Our razor-beginner set consists of a high-quality hand-made razor, hand-made shaving soap and a hand-made shaving brush with real badger hair. You notice: In the last sentence, the word "hand" appears disproportionately often. That's because we attach great importance to the manual production of our products. Quality means for us: From the hands of our professionals directly into your hand. The manufacture of razor blades in our factory uses Japanese carbon steels with a hardness of up to 64 Rockwell. Maximum hardness is the basic requirement for maximum sharpness. Depending on the model, the handles are made of fine woods or durable plastic, because: The life of a good razor is calculated not in years, but in generations.

Of course, only shavers are suitable for our shaving brush. They have the optimum consistency for whipping and spreading a creamy and fine-pored shaving cream. When it came to shaving soap, we opted for a modern version because it is economical and resource-saving. You do not need a shell to whip up the foam - you can use the shaving brush directly in the can. After shaving, simply screw the lid back onto the can. The remainder of the foam residue will form and can be reused at the next shave. Traditional shaving at the height of time: AP Donovan makes it possible.

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Published : 04/15/2018 23:45:30