Whistle stuff for beginners

Whistle stuff for beginners

Whistler lovers, and those who want to become one, should know a few tricks before they stuff their pipes. Only with the right stuffing technique will pipe smoke what it should be: an unrestrained moment of enjoyment!

As a newcomer to the world of tobacco pipes, you might have some trouble whistling at the beginning. No reason to worry. As everywhere else is true here: practice makes perfect. With our tips and tricks you will quickly master the right stuffing technique.

Filling a pipe: the basics

Whether the tobacco burns nicely evenly in a pipe depends on two factors: the nature of the tobacco and how it is poured into the pipe. Of course, the way you smoke your pipe also affects the combustion process. But we will come to that later. Now it's just about the right preparation of the pipe. You need:

  • A tobacco pipe
  • Pipe tobacco of your choice
  • A pipe stopper

The whistle

For beginners, pipes with a straight shape are best suited. Here you can find so-called "billiard" models. In curved pipes, the "bent" models, moisture can increasingly form due to condensate. Therefore, these pipes are more for the advanced pipe smoker. With a simple billiard you are always on the safe side. The German expert on smoking also knew this: Helmut Schmidt. If you want to learn more about the different types of pipes, we recommend our post The World of Tobacco Pipes

The pipe tobacco

At the beginning you should choose a mild tobacco. Once you've gotten used to the taste and smoking experience of your pipe, you can try harder or more flavored tobaccos. As a perfect entry-level bar, the "Holger Danske Black and Bourbon" is recommended. A mildly spicy all-rounder with a fine touch of bourbon whiskey.

The pipe stuffer

The Pipe Tamper is an indispensable tool for both tamping and smoking your pipe. With him you compact the tobacco when filling in the bowl. From time to time, as you smoke, you'll be pushing the embers down to regulate the airflow. With the spigot of the pipe stopper you can after the cooling of the smoked pipe ash and tobacco remainders in the pipe bowl solve and remove.

The right stopper of the pipe

First, you fill the pipe bowl with tobacco until it is loose. Then you squeeze the tobacco to half its volume with the help of the pipe stopper. The resulting cavity you fill up now again with loose tobacco, which you then squeeze with the pipe stuffer to about three quarters. Now you fill the remaining room once more with loose tobacco. After re-squeezing with the Pfeifenstopfer the pipe is completely stuffed.

Smoking the right pipe

Everything you need to know about the proper lighting of the whistle, the speed of the smoke and possible difficulties can be found in our article "Smoking a pipe for beginners."

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Published : 12/11/2017 15:05:15