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Nourishing aftershave lotion against skin irritations after shaving. Suitable for all skin types.


A.P. Donovan

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CODEX aftershave

Shaving waters in abundance, such as sand by the sea or hair in the male face ... Phew. But finding the right aftershave seems harder than commonly thought. As a finish after shaving, it must not only meet the highest standards in terms of skin care. It is supposed to nourish the skin, to take the strain off it after shaving and in the best case to smell pleasant. A shave is pure stress for your skin. Microscopically small cuts can not be avoided even by the professional and it is virtually essential to help your skin after the shaving stroke on the jumps. Licking the wounds would not be a wise option from a purely hygienic point of view. Of that time, we strongly doubt that this is possible from anatomical conditions - if it does - we are happy to teach at this point a better and look forward to convincing feedback in the form of video or photo shoots!

Team player with responsibility
As a well-groomed man you will not come to the choice of an adequate afterhave. The purpose of the care afterwards is to disinfect the skin as gently as possible. Since a self-inflicted, even small incision wound can develop quite quickly, a rather unsightly problem, one prefers to avoid it. Our aftershave, like all our CODEX products, is elegantly integrated into our skin care line. THE dream team, because perfectly matched components work together optimally, complement each other for a comprehensive shaving experience and prevent unsightly things such as razor burn, pimples or other skin irritations.

The strenght is to be found in serenity
You use our CODEX Aftershave after shaving by spreading a few drops on your fingers and palms and applying circular movements to the shaved skin. At the same time, you can massage your skin a little bit or even work it in optimally with tapping movements. Keep in mind, however, that your skin is extremely sensitive after shaving and less pressure is on it.
Give your skin some time after applying the CODEX Aftershave. If you want to style your beard afterwards, wait a few minutes. Enjoy the elegant scent of fresh sandalwood and tart mint and feel the cooling regenerating care. Even in your bath makes our aftershave a good figure. The practical pump dispenser in the typical AP Donovan design holds 250ml. This will take you a long time and thanks to the distinctive male style, he does not need to disappear immediately behind your bathroom doors after use.

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CODEX Aftershave

CODEX Aftershave

Nourishing aftershave lotion against skin irritations after shaving. Suitable for all skin types.

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