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High quality beard oil suitable for all skin and hair types.


A.P. Donovan

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Why do I need beard oil and how do I apply beard oil?

Beard oil makes it easy for your beard to be liked even more. And not only from a safe distance. You may know that: Just in touch, suddenly abrupt reset - that's it. You're so damn proud of your beard. You keep and nurse him, but with all your closer people, he dissolves at the thought of getting too close to him, pure horror. YOU'RE SCAMING!

Damn! How unfavorable. And certainly not the purpose of your beard, catapult yourself and finally into social offside. Well, maybe it will not be that bad, but you'll get a lot better with a soft and cuddly beard.
With the CODEX beard oil you transform your prickly bristles into fantastically soft whiskers.
Not only does it look healthy and well-groomed, the difference can be felt right after the first application.
Use beard oil! For your beard and the people who would like to come to you despite his presence.

Itching adé

Beard oil helps you to combat itchiness. A bad point in terms of beard growth, which should not be underestimated. You have decided to leave a beard. Nice. The first days are over and slowly you can guess what you are planning. If it tweaks here and there, you should not panic or even mutate again to face baldness.
It can be damn hard to give in to this agonizing itching and hack into the sack. Do not you have to. Maybe it helps you to understand what's going on and why you might be tormented by tormenting yourself. Your beard hair grows about 0.4 mm a day. After a certain length, it will be a little bit wavy and annoying, touching your face skin. The CODEX Beard Oil Can help you soothe your skin and keep your whisker supple until it reaches a tolerable length.
Whether you're a full beard beard or an extravagant mustache creator, your beard hair needs beard oil. Why? Because beard oil makes your beard so supple and so almost irresistible for passionate beard-wrench (inside). Did you know that the beard hair grows faster and lusher the more you scratch it? Logical. The skin is better supplied with blood and a well-blooded skin promotes just a lot more of micronutrients in the direction of beard root and makes it sprout healthier. What are you waiting for? Cuddles plus growth spurt - yes! With beard oil to the well-groomed beard

The CODEX beard oil has high-quality ingredients and since all products of the CODEX care range are matched to each other, it fits perfectly into the ranks of the musthaves of your daily ritual. AP Donovan respects your personal style, preferences and taste. We deliberately kept the fragrance of our CODEX care series discreet. We make for a shiny, well-groomed appearance and keep us gentlemenlike nobly in the background.
For the best results, combine the products of the CODEX series. All our products are skilfully attuned to each other and enable you to take care of your beard comprehensively.

Data sheet
Ingredients Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Olea Europea Fruit Oil, Simmondsia Chinesis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Isopropyl Myristate, Aloe vera extracts, Sandalwood oil, Tocophereyl acetate
Content 30 ml


Condition New
Manufacturer A.P. Donovan
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CODEX Beard Oil

CODEX Beard Oil

High quality beard oil suitable for all skin and hair types.

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