Bartshampoo in a glass bottle (50ml)

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You will receive 1 bottle of 50ml Premium Bartshampoo. Made in Germany. Only certified organic oils are used.


A.P. Donovan

If you come home from a business trip and your wife asks you how the spaghetti bolognese tasted yesterday evening and scrambled eggs for breakfast today, you know: something is fundamentally wrong here! While you're still wondering where your wife knows what you ate, she's already starting to pick her beard with sharp fingers. Admittedly, that is of course exaggerated. But: The prejudice stubbornly adheres, wearers of Vollbärten are more unkempt than your clean-shaven contemporaries. Help to eliminate this prejudice and join the league of well-groomed beards. As? Quite simply: with the ultimate Bartshampoo from AP Donovan. We assume that your beard will not read off the weekly menu of your favorite lunch break Italian, but what about smoke, dust and residues of beard wax or oil? The dirt of the world does not stop at your beard. In the shower of every beard bearer, as well as the obligatory hair shampoo, a bartshampoo should naturally have its regular place. The AP Donovan Bartshampoo contains a specially developed for the whisker cleaning and active ingredient complex. Mild sugar surfactants and moisturizing ingredients based on olive oil guarantee thorough cleanliness with maximum care. At the same time, an extract of organic rosemary strengthens the hair structure. Not only well-groomed and fresh looking, but also so smelling: enriched with the essence of grapefruit seeds Bartshampoo developed a fragrant foam, whose long-lasting fruity aroma accompanies you through the day (or night). Look good, smell good and arrive well: With the Bartshampoo by AP Donovan you bring down the annoying prejudice "bearded bear are unkempt" finally!

Data sheet
Ingredients Beeswax, Lanolin, Sheabutter, Parfum
Content 50ml


Condition New
Manufacturer A.P. Donovan
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Bartshampoo in a glass bottle (50ml)

Bartshampoo in a glass bottle (50ml)

You will receive 1 bottle of 50ml Premium Bartshampoo. Made in Germany. Only certified organic oils are used.

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