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Shaving oil for clean contours and a well-groomed facial skin. Prevents razor burn and other skin irritations.


A.P. Donovan

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What is shaving oil and why do I need shaving oil?

Foam, gel, cream or oil?

There are many ways to make a good shave.
Each of these products has its own advantage. Let's take a closer look at the shaving oil: with a shaving oil, you'll be able to keep your eyes open and clear. For clean contours, it is simply terrific to use a shaving lubricant that leaves out contours, ie the interface between hair and skin. Why? As a comparison: snow shaking in the dark is indeed feasible, but not very useful. You just do not see enough. That's exactly how it is with your beard contours. Quasi snow shed with floodlights - success-oriented and accurate. Anyone who has come to terms with his contours using foam will know this. Not infrequently, it happens that individual hair is simply overlooked because it has disappeared under a thick, inscrutable layer. Annoying, because with contours and transitions perfection is required. With the CODEX shaving oil you prevent shaving scratches at first sight, everything grows soft and on top of that there is a velvety tender skin. What does man want more? Even the smallest cuts have our shaving oil under control. Happens faster than you think! Even the most experienced wet razors are not immune to shaving injuries. Good to know that the essential oils of our CODEX shaving oil have a disinfecting and healing effect. The nourishing ingredients are suitable for every beard hair and every skin type.

How do I apply a shaving oil?

Use the CODEX shaving oil as your usual shaving cream. Advantageous difference: You need a lot less. Shaving oil forms a very fine film on your skin, just a few drops to shave the desired lots carefully. The right amount of shaving oil you decide yourself. We can only give you the hint to start with a relatively small amount of 4 - 5 drops. You'll soon find out if you can handle this amount, whether it's too much or you need to follow suit. Prepare your razor as usual. Note that the shaving oil is very lubricious and you should slowly get used to the new eeling. Once you have internalized this, there is nothing in the way of a great shaving experience. Valuable tips and interesting facts about shaving can also be found in our razor academy. For best results, combine our Codex range of products. All CODEX products are coordinated and make your daily beard care an extraordinary experience.

Data sheet
Ingredients Castor Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Olea Europea Fruit Oil, Simmondsia Chinesis (Jojoba), Seed Oil, Sandalwood oil, Tocophereyl acetate
Content 30ml


Condition New
Manufacturer A.P. Donovan
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CODEX Shaving Oil

CODEX Shaving Oil

Shaving oil for clean contours and a well-groomed facial skin. Prevents razor burn and other skin irritations.

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