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Already in the Stone Age, there were hawkers and markets, A.P. Donovan would have been among the first to make rich booty and continue hauling to the man. Hard-working praetorian nomads, collectors and collectors have been inspired to enthusiastic talk about the wide range of selected products for real guys. And the admiration calls of her female conspecifics did not last long either. Already at that time there were noble men-natures who did not necessarily make use of their club in any case, and violently appropriated treasures. For such, the term connoisseur was later used. For an instrument of timekeeping - called the "clock" - they fell to their knees in admiration. For them the word knight was born & ndash; these are men with expertise, time feeling and enthusiasm for technology.

In modern times, a luxury watch made by premium brands such as Rolex, Breitling and Tag Heuer represents the ultimate in technical precision. Breitling produces perfectionist watches and chronographs for the guild of pilots and breaks through with the product names alone the sound barrier: models such as the Chronoliner, Superocean, Galactic or Colt will certainly not instantly trigger your imagination. Rather, Breitling employs super characters as in Marvel comics or spy drama films. It is no coincidence that these manufacturers of luxury timepieces today represent Swiss companies: timelessness and precision should undisputedly be a matter of course. And the idea and enthusiasm of wanting to show something as almighty as time was also the motivation of German watch pioneer Hans Wilsdorf. His company, Rolex, is now based in Geneva and is the epitome of performance, prestige and luxury in general. An example is the legendary Oyster Perpetual: a chronograph for extreme situations. It still exists today as a style icon: The model became known on the Mount Everest Expedition in 1953. The watch models by Tag Heuer have been particularly inspired by motor racing in the 1960s, but are the other brands in terms of elegance , Design and precision are in no way inferior. Tag Heuer watches stand for ultimate sportiness and functionality, as names such as Aquaracer, Carrera or Formula 1 expressively prove. The Heuer Heritage, on the other hand, wants to underline the timeless fashion for men in luxurious retro technology. So just look forward to all luxury wristwatches for men!

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