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        Rolex purchase - You want to sell your Rolex?

        ROLEX stands for the world's best-known watch brand. Rolex SA symbolizes the highest quality in the luxury watch segment and offers the buyer not just a watch, but an investment in a real attitude to life. The enormous degree of awareness worldwide gives this unique prestige object not only the highest quality and sophisticated technology, but also a status of established and unique lifestyle.

        The Rolex logo as a five-pointed crown stands for first-class timepieces, a sure sense of style on the part of its owners and uncompromising quality in every model. The company can look back on decisive milestones in watch history that were initiated and significantly influenced by Rolex itself.

        At Rolex, the priority is to continuously improve and develop existing models. All current watch collections were introduced 50 to 60 years ago and have been carefully maintained, adapted and modified since then.

        The basic concept and appearance are largely retained, the housings are slightly larger, own components are installed and new technologies and developments are incorporated into the production. Rolex has an extremely high vertical range of manufacture and attaches great importance to research, service and thorough quality assurance.

        As a metaphor for success and a luxurious lifestyle, the company has built a unique reputation, which is primarily due to its founder Hans Wilsdorf and his visionary entrepreneurial spirit. The businessman, who was born in Kulmbach, was a brilliant businessman and a pioneering marketing genius for his time.

        In 1905 he founded his London-based watch sales company and from the very beginning he took to heart his defined recipe for success, always offering the customer the best product. These high quality timepieces, manufactured in Switzerland, were equipped with the Signum ROLEX from 1908. The origin or origin of this name has not yet been conclusively clarified, but the economic success including global fame has not been compromised.

        Wilsdorf was one of the first protagonists in the watch industry to recognise the importance and above all the opportunity of high-quality wristwatches, which until 1920 were not very widespread and recognised, as most of them were regarded as particularly delicate and therefore not suitable for everyday use.

        In 1926 the world's first waterproof wristwatch ROLEX OYSTER (oyster) was presented. The following year the English swimmer Mercedes Gleitze tried to swim the English Channel on her own and received a copy of a Rolex Oyster as a present from Wilsdorf.

        Although the attempt failed, Wilsdorf used the integrity of the watch for full-page advertisements on front pages and thus abruptly increased the media impact of his brand. Wilsdorf also used this sure PR instinct later as a watch outfitter for the ascent of Mount Everest by Sir Edmund Hilary and the cooperation with the extreme diver Jaques Piccard.

        The successor model ROLEX OYSTER PERPETUAL with automatic winding also represents a milestone in historic watchmaking and is a true testimony to Rolex's entrepreneurial inventiveness. As the real epitome of sporty elegance, it is characterised by absolute precision and constant reliability, combining successful aesthetics with a timeless language of form.

        The ROLEX SUBMARINER with an unmistakable design and a watertight depth of up to 300m now has a legendary reputation and appears today in almost every situation as a stylish and appropriate companion. Since the introduction of the first edition in 1953, the world's most famous diving watch has undergone only marginal changes and has always remained true to its spirit.

        The model ROLEX SEA-DWELLER from 1967 is a permanent companion of the deep-sea pioneers. Its ingenious operation with a sophisticated helium valve, extreme water resistance and extremely robust construction is impressive proof of Rolex's expertise in the field of diving watches.

        The ROLEX DATEJUST with automatic date display from the 1940s embodies timeless elegance and is a universal timepiece with unique charm. The model ROLEX SKY-DWELLER as a young product from 2012 is one of the company's most innovative showcase models and a mechanical masterpiece that combines technical sophistication with ease of use.

        The simultaneous display of two different time zones, an integrated Saros annual calendar and the rotating ring command bezel are a selection of the unique features of this flagship watch. The ROLEX GMT MASTER from 1955 with blue-red bezel and additional hour hand is as well as the ROLEX GMT MASTER II introduced in 1985 a flagship of the brand and enjoys great popularity until today.

        A Rolex watch is an immortal-age-less classic with imperishable charisma. The name stands for legendary design forms and the highest chronometric precision - at the same time the character of the watch always remains and ensures a considerable recognition value.

        The particularly exceptional and demanding quality and material standards ensure precision, functional reliability and lasting value for many years and decades.

        Tudor purchase - You want to sell your Tudor?

        A TUDOR UHR is a mobile piece of luxury that combines a successful symbiosis of quality, aesthetics and functionality. The noble, established and world-renowned watch brand can look back on a development steeped in history that always meets the highest quality standards.

        The beginnings of the company date back to 1926, when the brand was registered on behalf of its founder Hans Wilsdorf. The official foundation of the company under the registered name MONTRES TUDOR took place in 1946, when Hans Wilsdorf was already a pioneer of the parent brand ROLEX, which in the early days guaranteed the design and technical quality of the watches.

        The impressive combination of style and technology distinguished the brand TUDOR even then, as was particularly evident in the now legendary watch model TUDOR OYSTER DATE CHRONOGRAPH from 1970, which differed fundamentally from the earlier models of the company (TUDOR OYSTER-1947, TUDOR OYSTER PRINCE-1952) both in appearance and technology.

        A deliberate focus has now been placed on functionality and practicality in order to address new target groups and build up a new image. Until then, Tudor watches were predominantly robust and reliable, but the Oyster Chronograph emphasized colorful accents and was also Tudor's first model with manual winding.

        In addition, the chronograph with a diameter of 39 millimetres, which was quite large by the standards of the time, was very impressive and dominant in appearance. The striking edges and striking lines gave the watch an additional and extravagant unique selling point, which was reflected in a loyal following and fan base.

        In 1971 a version called MONTE CARLO with blue dial appeared, which is now considered a highly sought-after collector's item. The third series, BIG BLOCK, was introduced in 1976 and was the first Tudor models with automatic movement. Hence the name to describe the slightly thicker case.

        The series 79100, launched in 1989, retained the nickname Big Block and are characterized by their very differently designed dials. With the series 79200, presented in 1995, the appearance was reworked in a discreet form. The design was softer and more subtle and a new dial with cream-coloured indices was used. The series was produced until 2006.

        Since a reorientation in 2010, Tudor watches have been even more distinctive and individual, which in combination with the sporty style has given the company a memorable image. Various advertising campaigns and famous brand ambassadors such as Lady Gaga or David Beckham underline the modern touch and the trendy spirit of the times that these watches convey.

        The TUDOR HERITAGE CHRONOGRAPH has stylistic references to racing with its extremely concise design. The fabric bracelet is based on a safety belt and is also available as a classic stainless steel bracelet. The automatic movement has a power reserve of 42 hours and symbolises the combination of modern technology with contemporary design. Today, the Heritage Chrono with its stylish appearance is one of the most sought-after models of the brand.

        Designed in collaboration with Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati, FASTRIDER CHRONOGRAPH features a 42 mm stainless steel case with red vertical stripes on the strap and dial. The chronograph is water-resistant to a depth of 150 metres and is available with a leather, textile or stainless steel strap.

        The chronograph FASTRIDER BLACK SHIELD offers a case in the form of a matt black monoblock, which is extremely robust and resistant thanks to a special high-tech ceramic. The distinctive and red accents on the dial, the engraved tachymeter scale and the specially shaped case give the model an unmistakable external appearance.

        The diving watch TUDOR PELAGOS is a technical masterpiece made of ceramic and titanium. The model is water-resistant to 500 meters and features an elegant black dial and a 42 millimeter titanium case. The mechanical self-winding movement and the titanium or rubber strap complete the outstanding impression of this model.

        Introduced in 2012, HERITAGE BLACK BAY captivates with its exclusive vintage character, particularly emphasized by the black dial and snowflake hands in pink gold. The Black Bay is a contemporary high-tech watch with retro elements, whereby especially the Model 36 represents a successful symbiosis of diver's watch and chronograph.

        With its watches, Tudor has revived style and elegance as values and redefined them as an expression of personal individuality. The retro design of the models recalls the beginnings of the company and combines classic beauty with modern technology and contemporary aesthetics. Reliable functionality is always in the foreground as a criterion suitable for everyday use.

        A.P. Donovan promotes online watch sales while trading in exquisite watches, world-class wristwatches, interesting newcomers and well-known luxury labels. For every personal budget and individual portfolio the newcomer, collector and lover will find the right piece. We want to promote and ensure that the watch and the wearer fit optimally together.

        IWC purchase - You want to sell your IWC?

        The initial roots of the International Watch Company (IWC) go back to the US-American Florentine Ariosto Jones. He lived from 1841 to 1916 and had a strong pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit. He saw great potential for the future in industrial watchmaking at an early stage.

        In 1868 he selected the Schaffhausen location on the Rhine Falls for his watch manufactory and wanted to use the nearby water power as an inexpensive source of energy for driving the machines. Moreover, the general industrialization in this region at that time was not yet so far advanced and wages were much lower than in his homeland.

        From 1870 IWC produced high-quality pocket watches for men and women, but the plan to export them to the USA failed mainly because of too high import duties. The company was transferred to a stock corporation in 1874 and taken over by the Swiss industrialist Johannes Rauschenbach-Vogel in 1880. After that IWC remained in family ownership for four generations and reached a preliminary milestone in 1885 with the introduction of the Pallweber pocket watch (first example with digital display).

        The abbreviation IWC stands for one of the few innovation drivers within the watch industry, whereby the models of the brand are always characterized by timeless design and technical top class. The watches convince with their austere and masculine character as well as the extremely robust and resistant construction.

        The IWC PILOT WATCHES, i.e. pilot watches, are among the most famous models in the company's own product family. The hallmarks of these watches are various technical details such as the center second with stop function and the luminous hands with black coating. The first pilot watch was launched by IWC as early as 1936, four years later it was upgraded as a navigation and observation watch called GROSSE FLIEGERUHR with an enormous 55 mm case.

        The well-known PORTUGIESER UHR of the brand was introduced in 1939 and is inspired by great personalities from the maritime industry. Two worlds are to be symbolized here - on the one hand the possibilities of technical power and on the other hand the world of courageous explorers, adventurers willing to take risks and daring undertakings. The IWC Portugieser series defines itself as a mechanical reference to the historic seafaring nation of Portugal.

        The products of the IWC PORTOFINO family are characterised by a light and at the same time lively understatement with clear proportions and a touch of extravagance. The model series is characterised by a certain lightness and playfulness and is intended to embody the grace and glamour of Mediterranean Italy. Classically elegant and restrained, they emphasize a certain understatement while at the same time radiating a distinguished style and outstanding taste.

        IWC's collections take up cultural-historical aspects in design and furnishings with a certain preference. The IWC INGENIEUR convinces with a classic understatement in its design, which is appreciated for its restraint and functionality, while the products of the IWC DA VINCI series are a homage and bow to the Italian universal genius Leonardo da Vinci.

        IWC developed the Da Vinci wristwatch as a mechanical chronograph with perpetual calendar and a 4-digit year display. In this masterpiece of watchmaking art with its exquisite formal language, two worlds are brought together to form a symbiosis - art and science stand side by side with particularly sophisticated technical finesse and precise timing.

        The IWC watch families combine high-precision craftsmanship with a timeless and extraordinary design, creating a unique combination of high-tech and special emotions for the wrist.

        Omega purchase - You want to sell your Omega?

        OMEGA - The name of the company, founded in 1848, stands for precise and innovative watchmaking. The world's largest watch manufacturer achieved global recognition in 1969 as a technical companion to the moon landing and has since then continuously expanded its position as an established and experimental watch producer.

        The brand was founded in Switzerland by the then 23-year-old Louis Brandt and subsequently remained in family hands for several generations. In 1894, a pocket caliber was developed and named Omega - the last letter in the Greek alphabet to symbolize the last stage of development towards possible perfection.

        In 1900, the company produced its first wristwatches, which were part of the soldiers' field equipment. In 1930 Omega entered into a partnership with the SSIH Group and two years later started an alliance and cooperation with the Olympic Games, which still exists today, as official timekeeper. In 1983 Omega became part of the Swatch Group and has since established itself as the largest brand and leading flagship in this group of companies.

        The OMEGA SEAMASTER and OMEGA SEAMASTER DIVER are legendary diving watches, combining a tried and tested design with the latest watch technology. The first Seamaster model was introduced in 1948 and reinterpreted, improved and upgraded with the Seamaster 300 M launched in 1957.

        Since 1962, Omega has literally been a close companion for pilots and astronauts exploring space and conducting research in space. The model OMEGA SPEEDMASTER got its nickname as "Moonwatch" in 1969 as part of the moon landing. The successor model OMEGA SPEEDMASTER PROFESSIONAL was part of the following and famous Apollo-13 mission.

        In 1962 NASA started an extensive test and simulation program for mechanical watches. A resilient and permanently deployable watch was sought for the crew of the Apollo-11 mission. The Omega Speedmaster withstood these tests under extreme conditions and was selected as the official watch of the space mission.

        The elegant 39mm stainless steel case, a black dial and the classic stainless steel bracelet gave the Speedmaster version of the time an extremely robust appearance and pioneering image. With its detailed precision, massive robustness and comfortable readability, the sports chronograph has found a firm place and legendary status in the company's history and at the same time has become a true icon for style and pioneering spirit.

        The OMEGA DE VILLE, produced in-house, ushered in a new era and a new era for the company in 2007, as it was the first model to include the mechanical Co-Axial movement. Omega itself calls it a "lively homage to a classic design concept and innovative watchmaking art". The simple elegance with the evening-suitable design gives a classic luxury watch for a fine appearance.

        The goal of an outstanding watch was achieved with a 41mm case and two contrasting zones in the dial. The built-in Co-Axial escapement reduces friction losses between the escapement and escapement wheel, improving the longevity and reliability of the watch.

        With such developments, the Omega brand continues to assert itself on the Olympus of the global watch industry, while remaining true to its claim to perfection.

        We at A.P. Donovan search and offer with many years of experience used luxury watches of high exclusivity. The sympathy and affection for rare and proven timepieces of the highest quality and class connects us with you as our customer.

        Breitling purchase - You want to sell your Breitling?

        The German immigrant Léon Breitling developed his first chronograph in 1884 and shortly afterwards founded the company of the same name in the Swiss Bernese Jura. Only a few years later he enlarged the production facilities and intensified the production of pocket chronographs.

        This was soon followed by a close connection to aviation for defence purposes, which was reflected in the first wristwatches with chronograph especially for pilots. Early on BREITLING appeared as an innovative and knowledgeable market participant - the development of the first chronograph pusher in 1915 and an on-board chronograph in 1936 as well as on-board clocks for use in the Royal Air Force underlined the company's supremacy in these areas.

        Since then, the winged (B)reitling initial has been a symbol of precision, high performance and first-class quality of a watch manufacturer steeped in tradition. In the air, on the ground or in the water, the brand is often the first choice for absolute fans and lovers of chronometric precision and accuracy.

        With the BREITLING CHRONOMAT introduced in the 1940s as a flagship model and the similarly refined successor model BREITLING NAVITIMER, the brand finally established itself as the standard watch on pilots' wrists.

        The Breitling Navitimer has long since developed into a real watch classic that offers an optimal combination of navigation and timer. Especially the older models before 1979 are now considered rare vintage classics and are in great demand on the watch market.

        1984 The company presents the new Breitling Chronomat as a fully automatic chronograph with an integrated slide rule. A year later, the BREITLING AEROSPACE is introduced to the public, with two liquid crystals indicating special functions such as an alarm clock and a countdown. As a top-class instrument watch, Aerospace offers an impressive range of functions and simple operation. From its introduction, the feather-light titanium watch paved the way for a whole series of high-precision chronographs.

        The BREITLING COLT is a military watch with that certain extra. It impresses with its impressive design and outstanding accuracy. The robust appearance is representative of the unmistakable design language of the brand.

        As an expert in nautics and aviation, Breitling stands for absolute competence in watchmaking and consistently implements this in its AVENGER watch collection. The chronometers of the model series convince without exception through functionality, accuracy, durability and perfection of form.

        The BREITLING AVENGER is a watch for every situation and highest demands due to its maximum robustness, excellent shock resistance and solid construction. In 2013, the company introduced a revised BREITLING AVENGER II, which was complemented a year later by a deep black-styled BREITLING AVENGER II BLACKBIRD.

        With its extremely imposing diameter, light yet robust case and ultra-readable dial, the all-black Breitling Avenger Blackbird men's watch is an absolute highlight of the entire Breitling collection.

        Since its foundation, Breitling has stood for exceptional reliability and mechanical perfection and has developed a leading pioneering role in the development of chronographs. The brand enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide not only in the field of aeronautics and stands for special pioneering moments in the human conquest of the air.

        The winged B as the initial of the Breitling logo visualizes as strikingly as it is unmistakable the brand's self-image as the preferred partner of civil and military aviation. Not only for pilots or divers Breitling is a proven and reliable synonym for outstanding design and maximum technical standard.

        Tag Heuer Ankauf - You want to sell your Tag Heuer?

        The company TAG HEUER stands symbolically for qualitatively valuable high-precision chronographs and a multitude of innovative patents and inventions since its foundation. The ambition of continuous top performance is always the highest guiding principle.

        Edouard Heuer, then 20 years old, opened a small watchmaking shop in the Swiss Jura in 1860 and soon set pioneering standards in watchmaking. Ultimate accuracy and a passion for new and groundbreaking design forms have always been the driving forces behind his work.

        In 1882, a patent was filed for the first stopwatch mechanism, followed in 1916 by the world's first hundredth of a second chronograph and the invention of the oscillating mechanism in 1887, all as an innovative trademark of the company, with the company logo showing a coat of arms-shaped pentagon in which the Heuer logo is shown in capital letters.

        The company's very close connection to professional motorsport is evident in all model lines and men's collections, which are strongly influenced by racing in every respect. The TAG HEUER MONACO is a now legendary chronograph with a square case and impressive blue dial. First launched in 1969 as a dedication to the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monte Carlo, the model soon became a cult object.

        The famous acting legend Steve McQueen wore this bold sports watch in 1970 during the shooting of the film "Le Mans" and thus brought the brand a breakthrough on the upscale watch market. Noble glamour and luxurious lifestyle meets technical perfection and mechanical top class.

        The TAG HEUER CARRERA is another true classic in the fast lane. First produced in 1964 in a timeless, unadorned look, the watch has enjoyed great popularity to this day and has been fitted with the company's own 1887 automatic calibre since 2010.

        The further developed version as TAG HEUER GRAND CARRERA reinterprets the classic and positions itself as an exclusive luxury watch. The unique rotating system, the modern technical elements and the striking design give the Grand Carrera the status of a worthy successor of the world-famous classic.

        The models of the series TAG HEUER FORMULA 1 stand out due to their luxurious dimensions and colourful appearance. The generously dimensioned dials and the large numerals are the exact opposite of understatement. Launched in 1986, the watch does not emphasize elegant restraint, but creates a striking effect that immediately draws attention to the wearer's wrist.

        The TAG HEUER AQUARACER range is a water inspired collection of sports watches available for men and women. As the ultimate model for water sports, it is an almost indispensable accessory for divers and other water sports enthusiasts. The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, the screw-down crown with double seal, the luminous markings on hands and indices and a reliable water resistance are weighty arguments for this benchmark setting watch.

        The TAG HEUER AUTAVIA is a technical symbiosis of automotive motorsport and flight-related aviation (AUTomobil - AVIAation). Originally conceived as a stopwatch, the model was reissued in 1969 and is now considered an extremely rare and coveted rarity.

        At A.P. Donovan, we are looking specifically for classic and new models of high-quality wristwatches. We regard fair, market-oriented and in direct customer contact respectable negotiable purchase prices as a fundamental prerequisite from our side.

        Hublot purchase - You want to sell your Hublot?

        In the grand style of a merger, HUBLOT watchmaking tradition merges with innovation. Since 1980, the company from Switzerland has been producing watches of special quality that are distinguished by their unusual appearance and exclusive combinations of materials.

        Carlo Crocco, who grew up in an Italian watchmaking family, founded the brand and caused a sensation right from the start with a combination of gold case and rubber strap. This extravagant mixture was considered an absolute novelty at that time; in the meantime, this type of bracelet has developed into an absolute trademark of the company. This first watch also created the brand name with its porthole design, because the French word Hublot means porthole. The models are not only excellent wristwatches, but also clear and elegant statements on the wrist. Especially clever design ideas, sophisticated concepts and innovative material combinations have already made this relatively new label one of the world's leading watch brands. The unconventional design and the absolute demand for precision have meanwhile given Hublot its own unmistakable image. The legendary Big Bang series was supplemented with various sub-series and numerous special editions after its launch in 2005. These also include the HUBLOT BIG BANG UNICO and HUBLOT BIG BANG AERO BANG models, which have a special recognition value. The watches in this range are now considered the brand's flagship and a real star in the watchmaking world. As an ideal alliance of sports watch and luxury timepiece, the Big Bank appeals to lovers who appreciate creative design and also want to present it. The successful interplay of various materials such as carbon, ceramics, titanium, magnesium, gold and steel with the visionary and creative design is a testimony to first-class watchmaking artistry. Standard editions, special limited editions and special models such as the Big Bang Unico All Black or Big Bank Aero Bang Steel underline the outstanding and expressive versatility of the brand. The collection of the HUBLOT CLASSIC FUSION with its more traditional design Since its launch in 2008, it has convinced with its sporty, chic and graceful elegance. The design of these models is based on the premiere model from 1980. This watch for the classic appearance is characterised by a modern design and typical brand aesthetics. With its universal shape, flawless workmanship and alliance of design and watchmaking art, this range confirms Hublot's reputation as an unconventional manufacturer with a penchant for innovative solutions. A further sign in the Hublot collection is the sporty and eye-catching HUBLOT BIG BANG KING with an imposing diameter of 48 millimetres. The luxurious sports watch convinces with a strong exterior and is available in various variants and attractive sub-models. Since its foundation Hublot has stood for sporty-elegant watches, exclusive design forms and outstanding watchmaking art. This is rarely better than demonstrated in the HUBLOT KING POWER model. This watch with its impressive design and impressive mechanics embodies this brand philosophy like few other models and is not to be overlooked. This sporty luxury watch with various model variants is the perfect combination of noble luxury and elegant sportiness. From carbon and rubber to gold and titanium, these timepieces are extremely versatile and have an exclusive appearance. Translated with