Everything about straight razors

Sharp, just like A.P. Donovan's straight razors

It has an irresistible effect on her when she observes you working with the the world's most sharpesr razor blade - only 2mm from the carotid artery - on your beard. Psychologically speaking, men and women do not differ much: what is meant is subtile and unconscious perception of sexual stimuli.

And even if she won't admit it, all the centers in her brain that appeal to her basic instincts are active. Women want men who offer them protection. Consequently, the traits courage, strength and willingness to take risks are highly valued by the female sex.

It is the shaving with a straight razor that celebrates all these qualities as a ritual. And it is the most possible way to get your beard into shape. But what are the advantages of a straight razor?

What are the advantages of a straight razor?

  • Skin irritation is avoided.
  • Perfect contours & most thorough shave.
  • The best materials and a very long service life.
  • Subtile most attractive to the female sex.
  • The ritual prevents burnout and reduces stress.
  • It's the most common way to shave.
  • Automatically leads to more recognition in the “pack“.
  • Much cheaper in the long run than interchangeable blades.
  • Environmentally friendly, as no waste is generated.

Which straight razor fits you?

Straight razor for beginnersStraight razor for beginners

These razors are right for you if you have no or little experience and don't want to invest too much money. Price performance is good. The blades are partly made of stainless steel and the handles are made of standard materials like plastic or wood. See also Lesson 02 of the Razor Academy.

Advanced Straight RazorStraight Razor for Advanced

These straight razors are right for you if you have already gained experience shaving with a razor and want to expand your razor collection. Here we go with carbon steel, the hardest razor steel. From this price range on there is already something for the eye.

Straight razors for professionalsStraight razors for professionals

These babies are our pride and joy. 100% Made in Germany and each one made in Handcraft with a lot of dedication. The carbon steel blades are forged in Solingen and the handles are eye-catching made of precious metals. They have their price, but are worth every cent.

What accessories do you need?

Accessories before shavingAccessories before shaving

Prepare the straight razor. The blade must be sharp and the burr aligned. You can do this with grindstones and stropping belts.

Accessories while shavingAccessories while shaving

Whether it pinches and pulls away from the shaving foam is not insignificant. It depends on the ingredients, preparation and the right utensils. Then you bring your beard with comb and beard scissors in shape.

Accessories after shavingAccessories after shaving

It sounds blatant, but every shave is a cut to the face. Here you will find care products, disinfectants and blood sedatives. But also your razor wants to be cared for after shaving - e.g. with oil.

Any more questions? Answers can be found at the Straight Razor Academy

Overview of the Straight Razor Academy

In the A.P. Donovan Straight Razor Academy you will learn everything relevant about straight razors in 12 video lessons. How to get the blade sharp, what to do and how to take it off, how to mix shaving foam, etc. You are guaranteed to learn something here.

Why an A.P. Donovan straight razor?

Not only functionality and longevity, but also appealing design, pleasant feel and a valuable product.

High quality accessories and everything from a single source. No wish remains unfulfilled. Can be combined as desired and has something for every budget.

Razor Tutorials

We don't leave you alone! We accompany you with video tutorials and explanations around your razor and of course you can contact us any time with your questions .

How did the straight razor come into being, how is it constructed and how is it made?

The History of the Straight RazorThe History of the Straight Razor

You'll be surprised what we found out about the razor. But the history of the men and their beard hair has always been closely interwoven.

Straight razor construction

Let's take a close look at the Straight razor. What are the ingredients? What is the shape of the razor? And why is that so important?

The razor blade is heatedSraight razor manufacturing

All A.P.Donovan straight razors are handmade. We attach importance to it, so that each individual knife remains unique.