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The following topics await you

Which razor blade is right for me? Check it out!

Welche Klinge?

In the first lesson of the A.P. Donovan Razor Academy, you'll learn which shape of razor blade would be best for you. We will explain which head shapes there are, what the sharpening is all about and which blade height is suitable for you.

What's the big deal with a straight razor?

Welches Rasiermesser ist das Richtige für mich?

In this A.P. Donovan Razor Academy lesson, you'll learn how to find the right razor for you, what really matters and what you should be looking for.

How do I prepare the shaving foam correctly?

Rasierschaum zubereiten

The foam has a decisive influence on the shave. If you prepare it properly and apply it properly, it won't pinch and the result will be thorough.

How do I strop the straight razor correctly?

Rasiermesser abledern

Today we come to a ritual that should be performed before each shave: Stroping the razor blade. It is as much a part of the perfect shave as shaving foam.

How do I use abrasive paste on the belt?

Schleifpaste am Streichriemen

Does it make sense to use a grinding paste on the belt? The spirits argue about it. You can hear our opinion in this video.

How do I hold a straight razor in my hand?

Wie halte ich das Rasiermesser richtig?

This lesson deals with the correct posture of the razor. In this video you will find out which hand movements are necessary.

How do I shave contours with a razor?

Bartkonturen schneiden

If you are highly motivated and want to cut the contours of your beard with a razor, there are a few things to consider. In this video we'll tell you what they are.

How do I care for a razor so it doesn't rust?

Rasiermesser Pflegen

There are certain Do's and Don'ts in the care of a razor. We'll tell you what they are in this video.

How do I sharpen a razor blade on a stone?

Rasiermesser am Stein Schärfen

If you want to learn step by step how to get the blade of your razor sharp, you should watch this video.

When to leather razors and when to sharpen them?

Abledern oder schon am Stein schleifen?

In this video we explain when to leather a knife and when to sharpen it.

What is the hair test and how do we perform it?


What is the hair test and what do we do it for? That's what we tell you in this video.